Monday, February 22, 2016

10 Things Happy People Wish You Knew

I have been listening to a podcast on and off for about a year.  In it, there is one host and three co-hosts. Of the co-hosts, I have noticed that there is one who is particularly happy. She is always willing to say, “Yes, absolutely, I love that idea!!!” She is positive and she brings something- a spunky sense of humor, perhaps?- to the podcast that, frankly, the other co-hosts do not.  The difference between her and the other co-hosts is simple. She is happy.  She also happens to have an incredibly blessed life, and she isn’t constantly on the defensive like many unhappy people I have known or heard on TV or other podcasts.

I try to be a happy person... *whatever that means.* If I could write a post dedicated to the way she inspires me (and other people), here is what I would say:

10 things happy people wish you knew

1. Don’t make excuses for your mistakes. Own them.  When you make a mistake, you can stew and brew, or you can shake it off, with full knowledge that - ha! - everyone rolls a bad stone. Everyone has been where you are, and everyone will, at some point in the future, be where you are. Just buck up, say you’re sorry, and move on!

2. If someone confronts you, take it into account. Don’t lie to yourself or others. No one is perfect. The sooner you realize that, the happier you will be.  Some people will argue themselves out of their mistakes, until they’re blue in the face. The problem with stonewalling when you’re in trouble?  No light can penetrate and your left in your small, dark little corner all alone.

3. Be present. Take a look around. Take time to be thankful and deeply grateful.  If you're cooking dinner and the house is a wreck, be thankful you made it home from carpool in one piece, and plan a time, later, to clean up, so that you don’t completely feel out of control.

4. Do hard things.  Read long books. Take up a sewing project once in a while. Go on a trip. Go to a new store.  Stretch yourself.  Doing these hard things will make you humble, and they will help you to grow. Don’t stay in a stagnating pool of envy; do hard things, instead.

5. Make sacrifices.  We all know those times: the baby is crying and the toddler falls on the floor screaming. Be the bigger man, and make sacrifices you know the people around you don’t really want to make. You will be the happier for it- trust me!

6. Don’t complain. Find yourself in the midst of a hard day?  Complaining is a form of corruption. So is blowing your problems out of proportion. Remember that their are starving people in the world. Don’t you dare complain!

7. Stop wishing the moment away.  Wistful for better times of the past? Hoping for a vacation in the future? Take a deep breath, go outside and breathe in this beautiful day, and resolve to make THIS day the best day yet, despite your trials.

8. A positive mindset breeds kindness.  If you can get into a habit of turning your complaints into the rejoicing of a thankful heart, you will find yourself beginning to be kind to the people around you.

9. Selfishness breeds contempt.  Ever consider that the log in your own eye is making you unworthy of loving others with a sincere heart? Get that log out- stop the bad habit of shopping online, for example (give it up for Lent, maybe?)- and you will find much more love in your heart for others.

10. Don’t be defensive; be nice. This goes with the above. All in all, remember that when you’re in relationship, your warts and smells and hairs and burps come out.  Instead of becoming all prideful and prude, just laugh, smile, and extend your hand of hospitality to those whose warts you regularly see and forgive, as well. Love in spite of the warts, and be humble about your own.

Do we find blessing for ourselves, or does blessing find those, who are worthy of it?

I’m not sure, but I think it must be a little bit of both. Happy people bring their happiness to others. In turn, they are blessed with a happy life themselves.  And I think they would want you to know some of those secrets, too. ;)
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Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

This is a great list - challenging, inspiring, but not too overwhelming!
Thanks for sharing.

Tacy said...

Thanks Laura! :-)