Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

These thoughts are off the cuff, but hey... I think that every once in a while, we need a random thought or two!;) And just so you know, this post was not rehearsed, heavily edited, or scheduled. It's just a random thoughts on a Tuesday kind of day. :-) So....  what is it you want to ramble about today, Tacy? Stay with me.

Well, I've heard a lot of talk in the media about "true crime," or that which the "Serial" podcast is based off of.  I've listened to a couple episodes of "Serial," and I found it interesting and intriguing. I could see why it's of interest to so many, and I am thoroughly aware of this trend in our culture today. Honestly, if I had to share my true thoughts with you, it makes me a little concerned about where the general public has chosen to rest their thoughts.

Rather than this be our ideology, I think we can look to the wisdom of the Church and change our paradigm. Rather than think heavy thoughts, let's have a paradigm shift. Let's go a little deeper. Rather than focusing on death, we should focus on what it means to pass into eternal life! Despite our cause of death, we should look at it as a passage into light, a way to healing. We must look past the grave, and see the hope of being reborn!

My Dad's first cousin who recently died after living a very long and full life, was famous for saying, "You never know!"  I thought it apropos that while there were jokes about some of his missteps in life at his funeral, such as having an occasional drink with his friends, he died of a stroke, and his cause of death had nothing to do with drinking.

"You never know!" That's a pretty good motto. A friend came up to me at the reception for the family and quoted those words to me again, reiterating his line for my memory. "You never know..."

"You never know..." so why worry about it?
"You never know..." so why spend any of your precious time in life thinking dark, unfortunate thoughts and spend your days worrying ugly worries?

Let the light shine into these dark thoughts, and if dwelling on them means another season of "Serial," or another episode of some "amazing" true crime, I would suggest just letting those pass you right on by.

In his beautiful book Crossing the Threshold of Hope, St. Pope John Paul II wrote about the cross as the answer to our human suffering on earth. Why is there suffering and why are there these hopeless cases?;) Much of the sadness in the world is the result of nothing more than original sin combined with free choice.  It's ugly (and that's that.;) Move on. I'm not on a high horse: I struggle with both anxiety and depression! But is there a bright side? Yes. God has solidarity in our suffering in that, while he allows suffering, he also met it with an answer. He willingly suffered, too.

I don't know exactly why he allows and does not magically intervene when things go wrong, but I do know this: he is above all things, and we "never know."

We do know one thing for dang sure, though: he's coming back, and perhaps soon. If he does not come back in our lifetime, we do not have to fear death, but we should see it as our passage and our ticket to eternity with him. And as for all the other details, pray pray pray and pray with full peace and full knowledge that he knows our hearts, he knows our strengths and weaknesses, and he knows the future. He holds it in his hands. Meditate on his promise- daily!-  that he knows what we can handle and he will not go out of his way to harm us or punish us, especially if we are following in his ways, and if we are being obedient to his commands.

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Pomeline said...

Mmm, it's so easy for me to just go through the motions of my faith, without really meditating/living like "you never know". I want to live more in light of this, more in light of the hope of His coming!

Great blog post :)

Tacy said...

Thank you Pomeline!

Sterling Jaquith said...

"Much of the sadness in the world is the result of nothing more than original sin combined with free choice. It's ugly (and that's that.;) Move on." This is fabulous! I haven't listened to Serial yet despite it's popularity. Sometimes those things bum me out and one of the things I pray often is, "Lord break my heart for what breaks yours." That's a dangerous prayer though because the darkness of the world ends up really getting to me. It's good to keep it all in perspective!

Tacy said...

Yes! I doubt Jesus would be "fascinated" by murder. You know? We are made in his image and likeness. Scripture says "Whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is noble, whatever is right, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy...think about these things."

Michelle said...

Hello, I'm visiting you from Tuesday Talk link up (co-host) and this is very deep and spiritual for us to think about. As a believer in Jesus Christ and without a doubt I know my destination upon death, this still baffles me sometime when others are called home. Especially when in our man-like thinking think it's too early. I tend to be one who says, "you never know" too. Sin, has everything to do with what is wrong in the world. Jesus has everything to do what is right. Thank you for sharing with us this week.

Tacy said...

Yes! I really like that last line you wrote. Beautiful! And so true.

Tacy said...

Oops, meant to say the second to last line. Ha, ha.