Thursday, January 21, 2016

PHFR~ Molly's 8th Birthday

I only have a few pictures of ~everyday contentment~ today, but I thought "Why not" and I'm joining the link-up over at Like Mother Like Daughter for a little pretty happy funny real.


Molly is 8. So hard to believe.

She is most definitely our artist. :-)

sweet friends... and siblings. :-)
I am not giving names, to protect privacy.
The gift she wanted, she received from Grammy! 

I took the littlest girls to see "The Good Dinosaur" and snapped this picture right after the show ended. Can you tell how happy and excited they were to be at a REAL movie? It was awesome. So much fun, you guys.


my sweet little helper:)

yummy, yummy, yummy. Recipe here (my recipe, btw)
There were really only three that looked "perfect enough" for instagram. ha. ;)

Hiding under a round glass bowl, because I didn't have a plastic cake holder!

joining Like Mother, Like Daughter today!

P.S. Stick around, for I have some State-of-the-blog news.;) woop woop.;)

What's coming up:

I really enjoyed writing the "Advent Week-by-Week" series, so I'm excited about two forthcoming series on this blog this winter! I really, really hope you follow along, friends!

~Next week, I will be rolling out a new series of DIY (crossing fingers, but I hope to do a little decor DIY around the house).  Yay!

~ Also, I am extremely excited to tell you that in February, I'll be doing a substantial series called "Beautiful Souls," all about Catholic Parenting.  I have some "deep stuff" to share with you, and a few apples concerning parenting, in particular, and I can't wait to share it with my awesome readers!

~I am hoping to eventually turn my writing for this series into an e-book.            
Stay tuned, and please share and subscribe to my blog in your feed reader of choice (I really like feedly), if you haven't already!!!

~Nota Bene: I now have "share" buttons down below, so do share (in the future)! {to be honest- I think following me on Twitter is the best way to not miss a post, if you are *not* inclined to do Feedly. The algorithms at FB bother me tremendously. Grrr....}

~Finally, I *finally* added a What I Read tab at the top of the blog. Click on it to see my book lists.

Phew! That was a lot. Thanks for sticking around, friends. ;)

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