Thursday, January 28, 2016

PHFR~ DIY: Redecorate the Girls' Room


Stephen bought this crucifix at the Basilica (National Shrine at Catholic U), and I love it.

My new Valentine mug for our red hutch. From... you guessed it!*

Dear Aunt Leila wanted us to share pictures of our bookshelves; it just so happens I very recently shared this picture over on instagram! Stephen ordered and put together these bookshelves from Ikea. It was a late Christmas present to us. :0)  I am graduaaaallly catching up with his massive book collection from St. John's College Annapolis and Catholic University in D.C. (Because the man happens to have two masters with plans to do his Ph.D... crazy, crazy I tell you!).


Molly made this adorable painting at her after school art class. 

I have been wanting to frame it since she brought it home.
I decided to stencil her initials in the same orange that she painted the cat. I then hung it in her room!
I love how it turned out!

If you want to make it:
~I used these stencils (from Amazon)
~I used the orange from this pack of pens to trace the letters. (I love pens!)
~I found the poster frame at Walgreen's.
~I used a basic watercolor set (we already had on hand) to fill in the letters.

Snow!!!! :-D

My parents got about 2 inches of snow this past weekend, so the kids built a snowman!

My brother got this shot of Molly throwing a huge snowball. He took about three or four all at once to capture this one. I love it! It's funny, the snowball almost looks like the beginnings of a snowman in the distance.

A funny moment!

My kids love our kitties so much. Although while Yo-Yo has been trying to run away ever since the day we found him after his 6-week jaunt around our neighborhood and a little beyond, white Sneaky hides under beds and Anders draws with marker on him. (ok, twice. But still).


It took me a couple of tries to get it right!

Working on a new one.

Working on one I can frame for Frances.

She actually made this in art class. I am kind of loving it right now. We'll see.

Add to the laundry list: MEB and ACB



There were never such devoted sisters.

Sigh, I'm so glad we had another girl. She is such a little pumpkin!

*AKA ahem, the Dollar Store of course :-D ;)


Leila said...

Thanks for showing us your bookshelves! Great post!

Tacy said...

You are welcome! Thank you for hosting every week!:-);)