Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY: Make a Great 5 &10 yr. Photo Collage

First off, let me say that home decor is not my specialty. I have no formal training, and I have no special gift in decorating. But, it has been driving me crazy how many pictures I have been wanting to display that I just haven't gotten around to buying a frame for. We had all of these lovely photos taken from our wedding, and most of them ended up in a brown leather box, where no one could see any of them.  I ended up blowing up two beautifully gorgeous black and white photos from our wedding, and framing those. Later, I replaced one of them with a photo of Molly.  And... you guessed it, never got around to displaying any of the others.

I mean, I did frame some photos for our little red hutch, but... other than that, nothing much.

Enter: five year anniversary.  Five years ago, when Stephen and I had our five year anniversary, my present to him was a collage of the best pictures from the first five years. I was really happy with it. It marked time in a really special way!

Fun fact: we got engaged the same Spring that I was graduating from college in 2006. We were married November of 2006. Thus, this year is not only my 10 year anniversary from graduating college, but it will also be our 10 year wedding anniversary.  In lieu of that, I decided to make another, even bigger collage of our first 10 years together.

It turned out really nice, and I couldn't be happier with how it fills the empty space on our downstairs hallway.

Here's how they look hanging on our wall.

To make these, I found a high quality poster frame at Walgreens.  I had a pile of pictures that I really, really loved, that were collecting in my closet.  I went through that brown leather box and pulled out some of our family that I had been wanting to display all these years.

And... done! Yay!!;)

If you do this, here are a few tips:

~Make sure the frame is high quality. I can tell the difference between the ones I bought at the Dollar Store and the ones from Walgreens. I'm sure there are even fancier ones somewhere... someday! Someday I tell you. ;)

~Lay out your favorite photos, then wait about a week. Don't rush it. A few extra ideas for what I wanted to display most from our first ten years popped into my head, after letting the project sit in my closet for a while.

~Always use tape when you're putting pictures into picture frames! (I know that is so obvious it might be painful to you, but hey... it can never hurt to have the reminder!)

~A photo collage makes a fabulous present... birthday, anniversary, what have you!

~Since gallery walls are becoming trite, this might be a fun alternative... maybe? ;)

Have fun!

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Cristina Trinidad said...

I'm not a photo person. As in, hanging them up all over the house.I feel like I have people starting at me everywhere I go. Hubby totally is so we have pics up. I'm always looking for ways to be creative with family photos, and did a collage once, but it was a special one sheet, printed by snapfish. I can totally make this and be the winner of Christmas. Don't get me started, we have an unspoken competition as to who gets the more meaningful gift!

Tacy said...

Well I think it sounds like you *are* a photo person. I'm not a DIY person *or* a home decorator. Thanks for the comment!

Cristina said...

Oh no! Are gallery walls out? We've got a perpetual gallery wall situation at our house because I have more pics and artwork than walls 😊

Tacy said...

Well, I think a photo wall is classy.
I am trying to find ways to save money, so not buying a picture frame for every single photo is the object here.