Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Let's Talk About Hypocrisy For a Minute

The other day, Stephen and I were on a date. It was one day last week, to be precise.  We were talking about lots of things, but as we drove into the parking lot of "Drink Smart Liquor," late at night, we started talking a little bit about Catholic Theology, a little about marriage, a little about hypocrisy, and the like. I'm not sure what got us started on the Theology bit, I just remember it was a big part of our conversation. (It might have been because recently I mentioned that I remembered on our first date, he was telling me he was about to teach a Sunday School class (to his whole Orthodox Presbyterian church, by the way} on St. Augustine.)

As luck would have it, I didn’t have my wallet, so I could not run in, leaving Stephen and our newborn (almost) baby in the car, to buy some wine, as we had originally intended.  That wouldn't work. No wallet, no drinkie.

Instead, I ran in, looked around, came back out to the car, and told Stephen what I thought looked good: a bottle of Concord Grape Kosher wine made by the Jewish community. The bottle said explicitly: not for Passover. The nerdy geek in me just was so fascinated by this beautiful bottle. The irony of running in and out was that, this particular liquor store was huge, so the chances of him finding what he needed were slim to none.  So, he just ran in, found his favorite drink of choice lately- a delicious bottle of rum, and popped back out. ;)

As luck would have it- again... it was a very lucky night-  he also ran into his friend John, who he actually used to be roommates with, (so a very good friend), who made this comical statement: "Are you here to drown your sorrows like we are, because you just saw the movie Spotlight?"  No, Stephen admitted. He was just on a date with his wife... no big.

We drove off and talked a bit about what we’d heard of the movie, mortal sin, and other interesting topics like rum and appetizers.

By the time we got home, my mind was addled and befuddled. I had so much to think about. My arrogance was flat at best, my spirits simultaneously lifted and disheartened from all we had done and seen and from all the interesting conversations of the night.  Just. so. much. to think about.

This stuff is spicy, folks, so like all good meals… this one is….

to be continued…

*Some names and details have been changed.
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Sathi Aja said...
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Christina said...

I'd say that was a well-used date night! ;) Usually we end up just talking about where we're going to eat or the crazy things the kids have done lately! ;)