Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My 5 Favorite Podcasts Right Now

I love me a good podcast. I realize a surprising number of people do not know how to listen to/ have never listened to a Podcast. If you are in that category, it's easy-- simply search in Podcasts app (it looks like a microphone, or a little idol with sound vibrations around it;)/ the app store for your desired podcast. Then hit "Subscribe." After it loads, you will be able to then choose/download the particular episode you are interested in listening to.  Of the conversations and episodes I've listened to recently, here are some of my favorites!

The Simple Show

semi-recent goodie: episode 9~ interview with Amber C. Haines
This actually came out back a few months ago, but I really enjoyed this conversation with author of Wild in the Hollow: Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home.  Good stuff, all told. ;) I enjoy Tsh and the questions she thinks to ask.

Sorta Awesome

recent goodie: ep. 28~ The "Peek Behind the Scenes" group show (although a little too long)

These ladies are up on pop culture, have a fun, kind, and often funny vibe, and oftentimes, what they talk about is vulnerable and worthwhile.  Although they claim all of their polls say that the length is just perfect, I found it a tiny bit too long to get through on one workout session. However, you can change the speed to 1.5 (mine is on the lower left while I'm in "Now Playing).

Fountains of Carrots

recent goodie: episode 32~ The one about the Pope

I really enjoyed Fountains of Carrots’ episode/interview with Brandon Vogt about the Pope’s visit to the US. Vogt works for Word on Fire and does a grand job with the conversation/ commentary about the papal visit.

Spilled Milk

recent goodie: episode 198 ~ on grapes

I started reading Molly’s blog when I was a new Mom. I feel like I learned a lot about careful preparation of, and passion for, food, as did anyone who read either of her beautiful memoirs.  I listened to her podcast, and it is a good listen. It is short, polished, definitely funny (start at the beginning.) If I had to judge it, I would only say that my pet peeve is dirty humor, and you will find some of that there. I want them to do one on bananas.

Little House Mothering

recent goodie: episode 15~ Interview with Jenna from Call Her Happy

This was a gem! A lot of good, deep conversation about motherhood and mental illness, and not to be missed! I'm excited to listen to more of these, as I know there is a lot of good to come with this one.

On Being

If you've not seen this podcast with Krista Tippet, you are missing out. Not to miss: interviews with Mary Oliver (poet!) her voice! and Jean Vanier. I heard my voice catching as I told Stephen about the conversation with Vanier, called "The Wisdom of Tenderness." I am a longtime fan, and let’s be honest: you will be hard-pressed to find a podcast with the wisdom quotient that this one has to offer. There are some other episodes I can’t wait to give a listen to: Bela Fleck? Wow! Yes Please.

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adding my link to Jenna @ Call Her Happy


Jenna@CallHerHappy said...

Ah so glad you got to hear that episode. I am a new podcast lover, so I'm going to add these to my queue xo

Tacy said...

Yes! I really enjoyed listening; it was a good conversation about some deep stuff;)