Friday, November 27, 2015

Monthly Recap vol. 27~ November 2015

I have some news. Scroll or read all the way to the end to find out what it is!*

1. Lately...
November was good and bad.  The leaves were crunchy and glorious, but my Grandmother-in-law had a heart attack, and she had to go in for open heart surgery the next day. This all happened about the same time that Stephen had to go to D.C. for Comps, and all of our kids came down with colds. I also helped out with the church bake sale, and just generally kept very busy caring for 4 kids + a newborn.

I took a week off from blogging, and during that time, I cleaned out the fridge, re-organized my closet and completely kon-mari'd the entire attic (with Stephen.)

We had some time with family {Stephen's side}, and some time to do our own thing.  And I am glad for the results. But the process was a little hectic.

So, yeah.  It definitely took some time to recover from Stephen's comps. I solo parented while he went to D.C. for a better part of a week.  Ballet almost did me in. :/

All in all, November : You were hard, but worth it. ;) I think Advent is much sweeter when we take some time in November to get organized and cleaned up. So. I'm looking forward to a peaceful Advent and Christmas season.  And lots of productivity!
Pictured below: Grammy and Gramps with their 8 grandkids in 8 years!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We listened to music, cooked (the girls helped me make the cranberry sauce), I made the pies the night before.  I cooked a big supper.

Then we had pie (the mini pumpkin pies had pinecones with cinnamon and sugar on top, and the main pumpkin pie had a pumpkin on top!), then played croquet. Then we went inside and listened to music and sang some songs on the piano.  The girls played and played outside and we broke down and let the kids watch Frosty the Snowman. Even though it was 72 degrees outside!  We closed out the night by caving to Christmas music and yes, another movie. ;/

2. What I read.....

Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham

The Screwtape Letters (re-read) by C.S. Lewis

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote

3. Good Reads and Clicks:

You are Capable of More Than You Know @ Entrefamily (poke around on this site if you have minute... so good!;)

Thoughts on the Screwtape Letters @ Picture a Skyline (self-promotion there, to be sure)

Drink to Your Health: Study Links Daily Coffee Habit to Longevity @ NPR

Adele singing "Hello" with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

4. What I Watched...

I'm a self-proclaimed feel-good movie and show person. The Great British Baking Show is for you if you hate monster movies or anything that keeps you up at night. (Finished Parenthood and my Lauren Graham geek-out is over ... for now.)

5. Funny Things They Say

Madeleine singing (to the tune of “You Better Watch Out” and right after eating Thanksgiving turkey dinner):  It’s time for me… to go… make my Christmas List. La la laaaa...goodbye!!!!

Molly: Mommy, I really like my school.
Me: Oh really? What do you like best about it?
Molly: My friends!

Madeleine: Mommy? Can I tell you Goldilocks and the Three bears?
Me: Sure! Of course!!!
Madeleine: And first, she tried the big bowl, but it was too hot. And second, she tried the medium bowl, but it was too cold. And SECOND, she tried baby bear's bowl. And it was just right. (This went on for quite some time.... :-)

Anders: Ho Ho HO!  I'm Santa!
Molly: What are we getting for Christmas, Santa?
Anders: Moweee- books.  Fwances- a Christmas Chair!  Madewen: Wet wipes.
(He just started potty training, so he is picking on her- she's already potty trained! :-)

Her nickname is "Baby Pumpkin" and "Pumpkin Pie"
I aso taught the girls how to make my homemade cranberry sauce!

6. Noteworthy...

My awesome of the week was the white noise app.  It is simply called "White Noise," it's free, and when you have college students for neighbors, who blast bass-heavy music late at night, it's the answer, the only answer! ;)

7. Announcing…..

And now for my bit of big news!  Every year around this time, I have such a hard time getting centered and staying present. Because of the stress of the season, I feel a burden and a sense of running around like a headless chicken. Yet we have a slough of responsibilities and a flurry of traditions! So this year, in an effort to stay balanced and focused, I’m going to be hosting a weekly feature, culminating in a fun giveaway of several prizes!

So check back here over the course of the next couple of weeks, to see and read this new feature!
adding my link to This Ain't the Lyceum

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