Monday, October 26, 2015

Q & A and My E-Book Cover Reveal!

First of all, I am humbled and excited to tell you that the time is finally here! It is the week that I have been waiting for for many months years.  I am finally releasing my e-book into the world, and I am so excited!

Without further ado, the e-book cover release!
My E-Book!

I am so grateful for all of the that my excellent editors and designers have put into this: making my humble dream of writing a book into a reality.  PRAISE GOD for the expertise and work ethic of Rhonda Ortiz (design and copyeditor) and Michele Chronister (second editor).
I excited about this upcoming week because:

1. It means I have journeyed toward complete healing from Depression, and I am putting those tools into your hands!

2. It means I can finally share my story from darkness into light... with you!

3. It means no more waiting- the time is here!

Please don’t wait- visit my webpage About My E-book to learn everything you wanted to learn and much more about this little endeavor taken on over the past several months, the concept being worked on for many years!

Here is a Q & A from my recent email inbox.  A sweet lady emailed to ask me about my experience with taking medication with, and having, children. Please read:

Hi Tacy,

I am a fellow Catholic mom who has always struggled with anxiety and recently depression. I have had a hard time accepting that I need to take medication for it, especially while pregnant, and reading your post has given me such comfort in knowing I am not alone with this matter. I wanted to thank you for writing it, even though it was 2 years ago. I took medication with my son and am going through a struggle of having to take it again while thinking about getting pregnant again. I don't want to have any risk of harming baby. Anything you can share with me that helped you with accepting that you need to take it while pregnant? I was considering of not taking it, but I am afraid I would have a relapse or cause too much stress to future baby. But the thought of taking it again also causes me to think baby could be put at risk. Anything you share with me about this difficult situation would be appreciated!!!


Your sister in Christ
~   ~  ~

Hi fellow sister in Christ,

Thanks for your message. I'm always pleased when a post or something I've written strikes a chord with someone. I try to meet people where they are, so it was good to hear that you "heard" the post in a very real way. And thanks for letting me know - that means a lot.

As for your question... Yes, I am still taking medication. It helps with some of the side effects of postpartum depression. I tried 3 or 4 different kinds and the medication I am taking is by far the best for me. It does make me sleepy, and it has some other minor side effects, but the research hasn't shown any bad effects on children (as far as I know~ that doesn't mean they won't discover something on down the road), and for me it is worth it to stay on something.

After enough time on meds, you figure out ways to cope with the side effects.  Talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist, not just your primary care or Ob-Gyn, although I know that those doctors can prescribe psychiatric medications.  I have both and that is not necessary, but my counselor tells me  to talk to my psychiatrist about the things that she cannot knowledgably address.

I'm working on writing an e-book about Depression, and medication is one of the things I'll be addressing. When it's done, I'll send you a link. I think everything I wrote there will be even more beneficial for someone who is in the thick of parenting babies/young toddlers and battling anxiety and/or depression.

God bless and I hope some of this helps. I'll add you to my intentions in my rosary!


Here is an excerpt from the About My E-book Page….

-I have been working on this e-book for years. I remember first being called to write it when my oldest, Molly (who is almost 8 years old) was a baby.*
-Simply put, if I can heal from Depression, you can, too.

Even if you are not Clinically Depressed, this books is for you if…

- you have a melancholic personality
- you sometimes struggle with acedia (spiritual sloth) or moments of sadness
- you are experiencing grief of some kind
- you are going through something painful or dramatic in your personal life
- you simply want to learn some coping skills for anxiety and depression, or you’re not sure what to do next in your own journey to mental health (be it some kind of counseling or medication, etc.)
- you are in recovery for some kind of addiction, or are looking for help with addiction to screens, drugs, alcohol, or anything at all.  Even partial addiction counts.

I have gone through Hell and it was *not for nothing…..”

read the rest Here

Please stay tuned this week for the availability to buy the e-book!

Have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments!


Colleen said...

Tacy--The cover looks really good. I am praying this will be a valuable resource to many who need tools for coping in difficult seasons. Thank you for all the work you've done to create this resource. I will certainly share when the book is released too!

Jenny said...

This looks like a fantastic resource. Tacy, I have a question for you. Would you say it is easier now to talk publicly about PPD than it was 8 years ago? I ask because 10 years ago I had my first child and in hindsight I realize I had really bad (although) untreated PPD for a year or more. I remember how awful I felt and how hard I tried to project joy, etc. I was online reading blogs, but no one ever mentioned anything other than the blues that lasted a few days, and no one ever mentioned it in person.

Now, I have a 6 week old (my 2nd child), and boy was I proactive. I girded myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before I had him, and after I had him I had a month of the blues (thank God) BUT I told every family member and many friends about my previous experience (many didn't even realize it -- even my husband) and how I hoped it wouldn't happen again and that if it did to make me get help. Thank God it didn't.

Admitting that you are truly sad after giving birth is hard, but I wonder if it is easier now than in even the recent past.

Can't wait to get your book! I don't think we'll have more little ones, but I want to be prepared to help other moms and myself if I find myself depressed by other circumstances.

Rhonda Ortiz said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Tacy said...

Colleen- Thank you. I will try to let the world know as soon as it is ready and for sale.

Tacy said...

Jenny- I don't think I was unafraid to mention it the first go-round, but I definitely was more reluctant to go on medication that time. Part of what the book addresses is the fear and self-loathing that accompany these things because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. So in that case, yes, it was harder to talk about the first time.

Thank you for your interest in the e-book!

Tacy said...

Rhonda- Solidarity, woman. You are the beeeeest. :-D

Sterling Jaquith said...

Such a great product! Depression is so undertalked about. I'm glad you're shining a beautiful and sunny light on it! I hope this helps lots of Catholic moms. Love the cover!