Friday, October 30, 2015

Monthly Recap vol. 26~ October 2015

1. Lately

Happy Halloween!

This is called : Letting your kids get to be what they want to be, 
...despite your best intentions.
And yeah, you're right... they were over the moon. ;)

We also had a little fireman...

So much fun, especially since we hid the candy. :-)~

Final results for Molly's pumpkin:-)

October has been a good month... full of good books, carving pumpkins, field trips to farms and Pumpkin Patches, and preparing for Halloween. I accompanied Frances on her Field Trip to a real Pumpkin Patch as a chaperone. We rode a hayride to the area where we could pick out our very own pumpkins straight from the patch. It was so much fun, and yes, I needed all the coffee when I got back home to a messy house and a bunch of chores!

We are getting to know our baby, Annabel, and she is just the cutest.  She is still getting up at night, but we spent a weekend out in the woods at my paents' river house, as a family, just got takeout at a local Barbecue place, and just had cereal for breakfast, and it was a much-needed, very relaxing respite.

Ahh... so relaxed. This baby is the sweetest
And little Chipmunk Cheeks started smiling! Her first smile while awake was at 2 weeks old, but it felt like sort of a fluke. She didn't really start smiling "on command" until around 4 weeks. Now she will usually smile if you ask, or if Frances whistles. She is just the happiest baby in the world- cooing, smiling, and all the jazz.
I put Molly, Frances, and Madeleine in Ballet. Thankfully, their classes are all at the exact same time. However, this makes getting organized on Thursday the most stressful time of the week. Molly also takes piano, and her lesson is an hour before ballet. Stress, stress and now the tights are getting holes.

2. Funny Things They Say

Anders-isms: This kid is the MOST happy-go-lucky guy there ever was. He is also super duper enthusiastic like his dear mother (I get it from my Mom’s side- specifically, my grandpa!) and FUNNY! Also, creative.

After a recent funeral, he heard so many people saying it, he imitated in a funny, high voice, "Good to see ya!" as we were getting in the van to leave.

Anders: seed-eed… {seaweed}  Puuuz? {please? said in his sweetest voice!}
Me: Not right now, maybe at snack time!
Anders: O-kuh… {his happy way of saying OK}
{When he counts, he always skips three} "One, two, fer cackahs, Mama? One, two, fer?"

Me: Anders, do you want to go outside?
Anders Sir! {Sure!}‘Mon! Mon, Mama!  {C’mon Mama! let’s go!}
….Wook, WOOK! wuddle wuf wuf {little dog}… WOOK Mama! BIG wuf wuf!!!!

Madeleine: You look like a monkey, and you smell like one, too… cha cha cha.

Madeleine: One of my friends at my ballet class is going to be “St. Heel” for Halloween… St. Heel, pray for us.

And a few more Anders-isms.
Rasperreh for raspberry, berreh for berry

Ta-too mama {thank you, Mama!}

Tuhn it UP! {Turn it up, referencing the Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack}

Watch a show? Watch Tom-ahs!

Madeleine: Daddy, (very seriously) Go upstairs. By yourself. And stay there for a little while.
(Stephen, very curiously inspecting her.... finds a bottle of air freshener, that she is holding very tightly behind her back, and looks at her face and finds on her face a serious look of extreme guilt! All she wanted to do was spray it on a piece of napkin??!!) ;)

Stephen: Frances, how was school today?
Frances: Better than it usually is.
{Frances is at a really cute stage. She has started reading, loves playing with her sisters, and has an aptitude for drawing and has awesome handwriting.  One of her quirks: when she is playing, she loves to come up with melodramatic names for her dollies... Callista Flora, etc:-)

Madeleine: After reciting a long list of what she wanted for her “bir-tay,” including an Sofia amulet, a new necklace "just like Daddy's miraculous medal, but gold," and several other things related to jewelry and princesses, she said:
And after two days and one minute, it’s gonna be my bir-tay.
(It’s May 7th)
Then, later that night, she told Stephen very seriously: In two more years, I'm gonna have a bir-tay.

3. Cartoons

4. News and Noteworthy

Nothing Like Getting Creative With Your Instrument @ Facebook

These four ladies have something to show us... and I guarantee it will put your musical prowess to shame, or something ;)

The AAP on Screen Time @ AAP News

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics on appropriate amounts and uses of Screen Time.

Christmas on a Zero Budget @ Snail Pace Transformations (via Money Saving Mom)

So many amazing and creative ways to have hope on Christmas. ;)

Unsolicited Advice About Shoeboxes @  (by) Corey Garrett

This missionary to Senegal has some very helpful and humbling tips for those of you who do shoeboxes with Samaritan's Purse. ;)

In Every Guest, We See Christ @ Catholic Herald (by Elizabeth Foss)

5. Book recaps

I sort of read four books this month, in keeping with my goal to read 50 books by the end of the year!

Flannery O'Connor: A Life ~ I was a fan. Siiigh. This was so good!
Astonish Me~ I was a fan, but I abandoned it
I Capture the Castle~ Definitely a fan
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up~ Not a fan

6. In the news

Pope Francis' US Tour Has Been a Triumph: His Conservative Critics Must Be In Despair @ The Spectator

Strengthen Marriage With Truth and Mercy @ Catholic News Agency

7. Eating/Drinking

We are really getting into juicing.  Produce, even considering the prices at Whole Foods, is surprisingly affordable.


I made two big batches of This Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole (it was so good!) and This Beef Stew, and many of the ingredients had overlap with the kinds of juice I was making.  So all in all we weren’t eaten out of house and home, really at all! ;)

Our favorites from our juicing experiences are:

Garden Party & Spicy Bloody Mary

happy october!
If you missed it, I revealed the cover of my e-book on Monday. And good news- it should be available for sale very, very soon!
Adding my link to Kelly & the gang


Jen Buckley said...

Visiting from 7 Quick Takes. Love your little fireman. We do police over here since the hubs is a local cop. Have a blessed day.

October Rose said...

I need to read that Flannery biography!!

Tacy said...

Thanks Jen! He's excited about trick-or-treating tonight! ;)

@OctoberRose! I know! It is so good! She had such an interesting, albeit short life. The book does not make it seem like she had a short life, though. It is packed full of interesting details and stories.

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

The river house sounds like a wonderful respite!
Adorable costumes!
I know what you mean about spending even one day out of the house - as with the field trip- the dishes and laundry still need washing and dinner still needs to be cooked when you get home!
I need to get my hands on that flannery o'connor book!