Monday, October 19, 2015

At Least I Care: Political Musings ... From Someone Who Doesn't Like Political Musings, In General

Rand Paul is an idiot. I mean, who does he think he is, running for President? It’s not like he has any forerunners to show him the ropes. His son recently got into some trouble. I mean, good grief. He should be at home recovering, not masking as a competent, experienced Senator who would be capable of the Presidency.  He doesn’t need to pretend to be a responsible person with a heart who cares about the unborn. If he’s going to be Pro-life, I mean goodness gracious… he should made steaming, tirading statements against all liberals (oh the hypocrisy) and beat his breasts in public for all the lost souls who would for a second attempt to be a politician for a second.  Am I being repetitive?;)  He shouldn’t make simple, understated and straightforward statements at Pro-life rallies. He should be so insanely crazy that people have to tell him to tone it down every time he opens his mouth! I mean, come on Rand Paul, who do you think you are, setting a higher standard for the other Republican and Democratic nominees?!

(and yes, if you’re wondering, I’m being a bit/ a lot satirical, a la...........;)

But enough funny business.

I really must say I have been really, deeply disappointed to see the silence in the blogosphere related to Politics.  I myself have become very apolitical in the last five or ten years.  Ha- that's like all of my adulthood. And it's funny... people in my generation have had Barack Obama as our President for most of the entirety of our adulthood. Huh. I guess that just means that I am still a youngster.

But you know what?! I would love to click over to some of my favorite blogs and see the writers and readers engaging the current political campaigns. A few bloggers are very brave about political issues, which is good, but not always helpful... a few are a little too inflammatory, a few are really helpful, and a very few make me proud. Those few are the reason I'm going to take a stab at courage today and speak my mind about some very intense issues.

The thing is, our Republican campaign is dire, from my perspective. We have someone dominating the polls who, though he may be a charismatic or at least dynamic speaker, a good businessman, and have a lot of power and fame, is a vacuous, empty person with no morals. If I woke up everyday with the knowledge that Donald Trump was my President, I would curl up into a ball and start crying on my doorstep. On the other hand, if Hilary Clinton were my President, I would know that a looot of the money in our government was going into the hands of people who excuse the ongoing murder of the unborn.


At least, as my husband pointed out, Donald Trump would have Republican leadership in Washington, and would have some people on his side who would actually be Pro-Life and care about Pro-Life and Conservative issues and ideals. I agree with those who have called him an egomaniac and a dishonest politician. But even then, we could still be chipping away at the Culture of Death, in a sort of circuitous way, although it would be better to end it altogether. Trump is not a good candidate, but he is not (as) Pro-Death as Clinton would be, simply because our government would be in the Pro-Life camp, that is to say, right now, Republican.

That having been said, I think there are MUCH (much, much, much) better Republican candidates running. Unfortunately, they are underdogs, which simply means - excuse me for stating the obvious- that they don't have as much money being pumped into their campaigns.  But guess what. We can change that. One wealthy person could literally turn someone's campaign around. If one wealthy person gave a generous donation to someone like Rand Paul, or someone else, guess what?! He wouldn't be an underdog any longer.

Let's put our money where our mouths are.  Let's find a candidate who will stand up against the machine of madness that currently puts a ton of money in the pockets of murderers, which thusly contributes to the vacuous, empty culture that we have at hand. Let's support someone who attends Pro-Life Marches and even goes so far as to speak at them.  This man has something that Trump doesn't have: a conscience. A desire to end the madness of death factories that keep our culture selfish and vacuous and empty.

We can turn this political apathy in our culture around. The question is-- will we?!

Is it possible to have an unheated argument, rather, discussion about this issue and these people? If it is, please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. ;)


Elizabeth Reardon said...


I used to be quite political, and I have to say that as I have grown into my adulthood I find myself far more spiritual than political. I am very disenchanted with the amount of money needed and spent by candidates to get elected and what many feel necessary to stay elected. However, there are many moments that we as people of faith are called to stand up and say no in the political is undoubtedly one of those instances. Good job finding your voice, it's needed today!

Tacy said...

Thank you. Yes, I do feel like I am finding my voice in all of this. Thanks for the encouragement. ;)

Tacy said...

Also. There are so very many people out there who claim to be Pro-life. If they all take action and give a bit of money to a competent, worthy Senator, ;) ;) we will see a change and a difference made. Period!

October Rose said...

I think it's possible to have an unheated discussion, but sooooo hard and very rare.

Honestly if Trump gets nominated it would be the first time in my LIFE I'd be tempted to just ... not vote. I would vote, but it would make me so sick to my stomach. Hurgh.

Tacy said...

Yes! I know I know I know.