Friday, September 11, 2015

There are two ways to suffer...

Welcome to a new series: September Quotables.  As I recover from having a baby, I'm going to be posting some of my favorite quotes here on the ol blog. Nothing fancy... although I like fancy.... Just some good quotes, as a series while I recover and take my sweet time in the postpartum department!

"There are two ways to suffer... to suffer with love and to suffer without love."

-St. John Vianney

I liked this quote because...
It has a hidden profundity that stopped me in my tracks and really made me think about the how and why of suffering. We suffer everyday. Are we doing so effectively and with wisdom?


October Rose said...

YES. Related, to me, is the thought that God does not send suffering, but he sanctifies it and makes it holy. What a gift, to be able to suffer with love.

(From a person who probably suffers without it most of the time ...)

SL Hansen (CWB) said...

Terrific quote! I need to embroider that on a sampler and hang it in my living room.