Monday, September 28, 2015

September Quotables: Emily Stimpson

Welcome to the series: September Quotables.  As I recover from having a baby, I'm going to be posting some of my favorite quotes here on the ol blog. Nothing fancy... although I like fancy.... Just some good quotes, as a series while I recover and take my sweet time in the postpartum department!

today, read, enjoy, and savor this quote from Emily Stimpson's excellent book, These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body.

"At the most basic level, living the theology of the body in the midst of a culture of distraction is difficult because living the theology of the body takes time, and time is something the culture of distraction steals from us...

In contemporary American culture, there are a million unimportant things- status updates, online celebrity gossip, Dancing With the Stars, Steelers stats, and political polls- stealing hours from our limited daily set of twenty-four.  There are also cultural priorities that crowd out what's genuinely important. Working weekends to pay for the vacation in Tahoe, running kids around to their resume-building gaggle of activities, throwing elaborate birthday parties for two-year-olds- they all eat up the time where we could be visiting the elderly widower up the street, sitting down to family dinner, or praying Morning Prayer."

-Emily Stimpson, These Beautiful Bones, ch. 9 p. 140

I liked this quote because...
I think living in a culture of distraction is extremely hard to overcome. Her vision for overcoming it is powerful and enticing.

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