Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Pregnancy Recap~ Baby #5

Just for the record, to clarify, and just so that I don't regret losing all of my memories to time and forgetfulness, I decided to write one big, fat, hairy Pregnancy Recap here.

My 5th Pregnancy Recap:
I can't say that I was the healthiest this pregnancy. I craved things like cheeseburger casserole and Pop-tarts, especially in my first trimester. I transitioned to Clif bars and La Croix later on, but please remember: cheeseburger casserole and Stouffer's casserole 3x a week isn't good for your baby! Like any pregnant Mama, I knew going starving wasn't going to keep me bouncing...  So a little cave to a sugar craving and a frozen meal once in a while when I was feeling sick had to happen if I wanted to ya know, live... and continue caring for my other 4 kiddos.  Just being perfectly honest here.
If you're saying "Gross," don't worry- I am too. ;)

Insert big ~however ~ about all health conscious decisions: I had to resolve to be healthier the third trimester, because Summer + Third Trimester + Heat + Exhaustion + The Desire for a Healthy Baby = RESOLVE!

Stephen: You haven't complained much at all in this current pregnancy. You've been really active. Would you say it was your easiest so far?
Me: You don't remember the first 20 weeks?
Stephen: Really... you've been great. What do you mean?
Me: Remember? That was the period of time where I did nothing?
Stephen: Oh... yeah.

But really, it hasn't been so bad.

The First Trimester, I was exhausted, but the upside of this was that I was able to go to sleep in an instant every night. I tried hard not to take too many naps, but instead just wake up early (or at a normal time) and go to back at a normal time.  I had constant craving nearing obsession, with cold cereal, all during this pregnancy. I didn't really crave anything else, but I made myself eat healthy food alongside my cheetos and all the other aforementioned crrrrrap..;)

The Second Trimester was by far the best. I had less stress and nervousness, as the issues with my subchorionic hemorrhage had resolved and the worries were completely off my plate (or so I thought). I didn't fear pain this time around.  I had a few episodes of cramping in my stomach and just general issues with getting comfortable (especially at night!) but over all, energy was great. I took the kids everywhere and would say I wasn't exhausted and starving. I mean I certainly was at times, especially after eating something in the morning, but not all the time- which is so key!  I would usually go five good days with two semi-hard days during the Second Trimester.
29.5 weeks
The Third Trimester was my healthy part. I made this resolve:
More Eggs
Less Sugary Foods- including cold cereal
If I drink anything, it's no more than a half a beer with dinner
More La Croix, Rice Cakes, Kombucha, and Clif Bars
A lot More Walking

I needed to get things on track for the sake of my body and for the sake of my baby. I had {pregnancy} vericose veins, that I always get and then they go away on the back of one leg very badly, and I have noticed that when I do more walking, they seem to "lighten up" and get better.
When we were at Disney World I could tell a big difference from all of the walking- even though it was really, really hot.
The Things I have bought for this baby:
A rattle from Disney World
Cloth Diapers (first time for me!!!;)
A fresh pair of pj's, a onesie and a sweater at a used clothing sale (newborn size)

I have been given: two onesies from my Mom.
32 weeks
And everyone said: Fourth Girl. And.... Amen.

Here are some notes from along the way:

31 weeks~ Natural birth support

So far, I have gained 20 lbs. Average for me, but less than with Anders.  The baby has been moving a ton. My pre-natal care has been so good.  I think that is what is making me feel confident in this pregnancy and looking forward to this next birth. Also, I have amazing birth stories. I have had wonderful experiences with babies and giving birth and I know I am super blessed.  I told my counselor that although I have a slough of anxieties, birth has never been one of them. I did have some baggage re: Molly's epidural (painful!), but it has completely been forgotten and swallowed up with good memories. I've been trying to talk to my compatriots in the Natural Birth world for extra support.

My doctor just informed me that she is trying to make the birth. Normally, she doesn't deliver, but she is more frequently attending births now. That is awesome news! I'm so glad.

Wet cat food and cat feces are making me nauseated right now. Also, the smell of tobacco and making dinner always make me super squeamish. Stephen smokes a pipe very occasionally, and the smell lingering in the air made me nauseated.  I miss being able to enjoy a jog or a hot cup of coffee.

32 weeks~ Third Trimester Breech

And just like that- overnight- I started feeling like I wasn't really in normal pregnancy mode. The third trimester was hitting me badly.  I was for sure in how-much-longer and oh-my-goodness-this-reminds-me-of-first-trimester. The naps, the hunger, the sleeplessness. The moodiness.

I had an appointment to see the baby at 32.5 weeks. I've now gained about 22 lbs.  My OB asked for a growth scan, where we learned via ultrasound that this little girl is breech, (or at least transverse...two doctors said two different things). I noticed that, based on how she feels, I think she has been this way for quite a while. When they did my physical exam at my last appointment, they told me that her head was the hard protrusion I could feel on my upper left abdomen... the one that at my last appointment (the one without the ultrasound) was what they thought was a hip or her little bottom. Funny how a little ultrasound action can change our perspective. Now I'm feeling much more sensitive about pressing on her head and the kids jumping on my lap. I've had to ask them not to jump on me, because it's very uncomfortable and it seems just a little bit more risky to push on her head!  Not that my kids do this all the time, but still!

34.5 weeks

I went back to the Doctor, and he said I was measuring around 32 inches (usual for a 32, not 34 week pregnancy).  I think it's measuring low because the baby girl is still breech, or at least transverse. At least I'm hoping so... otherwise the baby's due date might be delayed as a small measurement can be indicative of the wrong due date. I don't think its'a huge deal, though. The ultrasound doctor at the last appointment said the baby was "petite like her mother" (and mother-in-law!) and the baby herself was measuring right on target, but just in the 30th percentile.  The Doctor gave me some exercises to do to try to turn the baby into a proper position.  I have gained 23 lbs so far!

37 weeks:

Went back for my pre-natal exam, and the baby had turned within the past week! I was so terrified they would have to turn it in the Doctor's office, I packed my bag in the case of an emergency C-section.  I'm taking full credit (NOT-- the prayers of many, many people in my church and local community for answered, I'm sure of that!). I did everything in my power that I knew to do, though. The frozen peas, the music and flashing lights down low, propping myself on pillows, on the stairs, hanging off the bed, and doing handstands in the pool. I've gained 25 lbs so far!  Every time I outgrow a shirt, I put it on the top shelf of my closet. I'm down to a handful that still fit over this belly. Had a blood test and lab results came in that I'm not anemic.  So much to praise God for and be thankful for.  I've come through so much between the hemorrhage and the breech position. Whoa: I'm thankful doesn't begin to describe it. I've had just a few Braxton Hicks and maybe 2-3 painful contractions thus far so I know the time is near.

We finally, finally, finally agree on a name that we both like.  We're keeping it a secret until she's born, like we did with the others, but I am so relieved.  It took us until now to decide, so that's another answer to prayer, for sure. We haven't quite nailed down the middle name- that might also depend on when she's born and feast days and all of that jazz.

I brought down, washed, and organized all of the newborn baby clothes. I have brought down the bassinet, carseat, bouncy seat, and boppy.  I am so, so, so excited to meet this little girl. Madeleine - as she will be the one female sibling home all the time- is probably the most excited and that is the main reason I have been glad for finding out the gender. She can't wait to have a baby sister. And since this pregnancy has been so... funky, for lack of a better word, I've had a total of five ultrasounds!  One to confirm the pregnancy, one for the hemorrhage (when they thought she was a he), one for the gender confirmation, and two to see about the breech situation!  The last three
triple-confirmed her gender.  ;)  A very unusual pregnancy, for sure.

Now we're just praying that the rest of the pregnancy (2 weeks, we are hoping/praying) goes well, that she doesn't do any more flipping around, that I can stay as active as I need to be with the other 4, and that the birth is calm, quick, and peaceful. Please, please baby- stay in position!;)

Still need to do:
Some last minute shopping
Freezer Meals
DL some good books on Kindle for iPad

I appreciate *your* prayers!

*many writing prompts are thanks to Liz.  ;)
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Colleen said...

Stopping by from the Catholic Women Blogging Network group -- your recap was fascinating! I've had hyperemesis gravidarum during my two pregnancies and so my experience looked... Different. (As in no activity, no healthy food -- veggies went down and came right back up! -- but at least no weight gain since I couldn't keep food down. But thankfully two healthy babies.)

Good luck with the birth! Yay babies!

Ashleigh Wright said...

Hi! Stopping by from Tuesday Talk and I'm so glad I got to read your recap! I love reading about pregnancy and birth stories! Sending prayers your way for a safe delivery! You've had an eventful pregnancy but you got this in the bag!!! Can't wait to read about the birth!!! xx

Tacy said...

Colleen~ I can't imagine having hyperemesis gravidarum, but it sounds so hard. Thanks for the comment. ;)

Ashleigh- thank you! Please stop by again, because I will I'm sure be writing this birth story as I have done the other ones!!