Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Update/Wrap-Up On Our Summer Crafts~5Faves

At the beginning of Summer, I wrote about our Summer Craft Supply Collection, and I made a list of the crafts I wanted to do with my girls/kiddos. I wanted to check in today- my girls' first day of school.... ike!- to let you know how it went! We had a lot of fun. We used this Printable for Earning Screen time  from Someday Saints. Then they got a sticker on their chore chart for the morning. It worked great and they got into a good habit! I think I'll keep this system for future Summers!

The ones we had already done ahead of time.

When I wrote the post, we had already done a few crafts such as Farm scene, Underwater Scene and Sunflowers.

Here are some of the others we've done.

Decorating teapots.

This was a hit! I traced free hand drew a handful of teapots and let the girls go to town decorating them with tape, highlighter markers, paint, and stickers. Then, they cut them out, and even went back and added more stickers and things once they had dried.


Anders turned two at the beginning of August, so we made some on-the-cheap homemade decor for his party. While I made this garland for Anders, the little kids "helped" by making messes artistic creations using kid scissors, glue, and glitter.  That was the day we came home from the store with glitter all over the floor. But keeping little hands busy is priceless, and so is the art that they create.

I tried to get Molly and Frances on board for making some kind of garland.
Molly made this heart garland all by her lonesome, 

and Frances learned how to draw hearts, so... win? ;)

Finger Painting + Tape Paintings
Finger Painting

After the teapot extravaganza, we revisited finger painting for the little ones, and tape paintings for Molly and Frances (7 and almost 5).  Anders did a green painting, and of his own volition started referring to it as "the crocodile."

Necklaces and Beaded Bracelets

We found a little bracelet and jewelry-making kit at the Dollar General for something like $3. It came with elastic string and we added some of our own brown string to the mix. The girls have really enjoyed it over and over again... making simple and complicated beaded necklaces, bracelets, and even some pasta/noodle necklaces, like I had planned.

What I didn't plan? That Madeleine would put a bead up her nose and send us to the ER.  Frances also had something up her nose that fell out on its own. We later inferred that Madeleine was stretching the truth, and maybe there was never a bead there in the first place. She claimed the kitties, Yo-Yo and Sneaky, put the bead in there. lol. ;)

We also did a lot of clay-doh and modeling play-doh, and also I included that in the original list of crafts, we didn't end up baking any or keeping any, so I'm not counting it as a "craft," per se. It was more like an activity. The only things I wish we had actually done, as planned, were more from my Art With Kids Pinterest board, and the Mom I'm Bored Jar: article at Real Housekeeping written by a favorite writer of mine, Colleen Duggan.  Honestly, we could have used one this Summer!

What did you do in the way of Summer Crafts this year, or beating the Summer Boredom blues? Let it be known... and may you get some ideas from this post! ;)
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Mrs. Amen said...

What a brave mom you are embarking on arts & crafts with littles. I try and fail, and try again, and fail again. Do you have a dedicated space that you use for crafting with the kids or do you just lay down a tarp on the floor/surfaces? Or are you really cool and just don't mind if there's a mishap? I want to be brave; I think I can, I think I can.

Tacy said...

We have used furniture, so I'm pretty brave- for better or for worse- where messes at concerned. A tarp is such a good idea actually!

Wendy J Williams said...

What a bunch of artists!!! The art work looks GREAT!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa are proud of their little Van Goghs!
Keep up the good work, kiddos! And have a great new school year!
God likes to paint too…the sky and the sun sets ost days are gorgeous ll

Love, Granma & Grandpa

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Wow, looks like some great crafts! My boys go through phases when it comes to art projects but lately we are very into coloring and cutting.