Friday, August 28, 2015

7 Reasons It's Not Okay to Be Apathetic About a Culture of Death

Is it okay to sit on the fence in the Abortion Debate?  I'll give you seven reasons right now that it's not.

First of all, we must participate in the political realm.

According to the social teaching of my Church, we must participate in the Political realm with our vote and with our funding.  As Catholics, we base our principals on the teaching of the Magisterium. This means that when we need to, we step up to the plate practically speaking, and cast our vote. If you are a praying person, I argue that you cannot be a person apathetic about a Culture of Death.

Second of all, we must make decisions in good conscience, with an informed conscience.

If a party bases their policies and morality on public sentiment, they can therefore give power to secular officials, and they no longer base it on objective truth or correct or right reasoning. What has been going on at Planned Parenthood is a scandal. Fetal tissue is the same thing as Baby Parts: let's call it what it is, and give witness that this a Child- many times still breathing the same oxygen as you and me as they snip the face and swipe the brain of a fully formed baby and call it intact tissue.

Thirdly, we must have passionate conviction.

These practices are disgusting.  Selling baby parts is a destructive, barbaric, greedy business. Only nominal believers will be swayed by the Culture of Death.  One’s framework as a Christian is and has to be rooted in the Pro-Life cause, if one believes these are children created in God's image, and apathy is the ticket to a Culture of Death reigning supreme. The willingness of PP's officials to haggle for higher prices and skirt legalities is living proof that what they are doing is wrong. If you are still on the fence wondering if they are compensated, read this article, an extremely insightful interview with former PP worker Abby Johnson.* Right now the only argument Planned Parenthood still has is that their procurement of fetal tissue has and will cure diseases. Well... how wonderfully nifty!  We can snip down a baby's face, take it's brain while the heart is still beating, and just trust that it was God's will for this living baby to be a martyr** so that we could make a better drug for a disease that is in need of a cure in this broken, fallen world, where cures to the ailing are more important the saving the lives of babies under attack by Planned Parenthood.
Barbaric: (adj) without civilizing influences; uncivilized; primitive:
barbaric invaders.

Fourth, we can’t divide our conviction from ultimate reality.

Why should a Christian stand for the right values in the public sphere, even if the proper “division” of Church and State seems to be “compromised”? Here’s the first and last reality check you will ever need: there is no division between my values and the objective and right thing for the greater population.  Planned Parenthood is a vestige of criminally-infested greed and nothing more. It does nothing good for our country. It contributes to the apathy and conviction-less drivel that the world has come to expect from much of the art and music put out by our pop-culture today.

Fifth, our money speaks… it is not private, only.

If we make equivocation in this time and for this situation, our money thusly will go to support the pockets of those practicing evil, and it will put power into the hands of officials who - rather than denounce these practices- excuse them, and thereby uphold the continued practice of evil. This conviction and passion starts in the home, and the abhorrence of greed must be taught in the home proudly, but it continues into the realm of the public, because that’s simply the natural outflow of the nature of our convictions.

Sixth, we absolutely cannot uphold two conflicting viewpoints.

If you blame me for holding absolutes, go ahead and blame me for that. If I'm wrong, I don't want to be right. Because in the sight of God, and our children, we must stand up for what is true, noble, just, and right.  Otherwise, I fear (not to sound extreme, but listen: after what we’ve seen with these sting videos condemning PP, it is extreme), we truly risk the judgment of God, for ignoring the blood that cries out from the mass murder of the unborn…. and our nation does, too.

Seventh, and finally, praying for justice means action.

You may win a popularity contest for ignoring these issues, but on the other hand, if we are praying people, then we must prayerfully consider what is right in the sight of God, one another, our children, and the children that our children bring into this world. We cannot compromise our own conscience on matters of greed, life, death, liberty, and justice for ALL.  Taking the life, not to mention the brain, of a baby and shoving its legs into a petri jar is just an outright scandal. These babies are not meant by God to be martyrs for PP's greed or Fetal Procurement's Science!  Lord have mercy! Give witness to your brothers and sisters in Christ, to your children, and to your future generations- and all unborn right now- by standing up and voting to defund Planned Parenthood.

*Interview with Abby Johnson about worker compensation for Fetal Tissue Donation
** On the topic of using fetal tissue/ baby parts for science and medical research, read the following article at Life Site News, reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews:
for the very latest news on this shocking scandal, and for an explanation on born alive babies, also read:


Michele Chronister said...

Thanks for explaining this so clearly, Tacy!

Michele Chronister said...

Thanks for explaining this so clearly, Tacy!

Tacy said...

You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words, Michele!

Angie Ballard said...

Well written and insightful. It's so east to click away when something as horrific as the PP videos shows up on TV or in a FB feed. But you're right. It's our moral obligation to take a stance and be prayerfully active!

Iris Hanlin - The Starving Inspired said...

YES to this! We have a duty to love all, but we also have a duty to preach truth... in love. This is excellent.

The Starving Inspired

Tacy said...

Thanks Angie. I agree. We have to continue to watch the videos even though they are horrific. It is our duty as praying people.

Thanks for the comment, Iris. :-)

Wendy J Williams said...

Dad and I are supportive of your stance to save unborn babies. You are right to call it a culture of death. We can pray for the end of Planned Parenthood and euthanasia. A Tennessee judge is deciding in the next weeks about whether to allow physician assisted suicide in our state.

Tacy said...

Yes. Abortion and euthanasia arise from the apathy and selfishness that has become rampant in our culture. What life and passion we could have if only we reach out and take it. It is ours' for the taking!

Jenny Cook said...

This is what I wonder: is there anyone I can vote for? I won't vote for pro-abortion Democrats (which is all of the Dem candidates so far) and I won't vote for anti-dignity Republicans (i.e. break up families to deport parents, build a wall, etc.)...not to mention that most Republicans are pro-life only up to a point. I also feel that the Republican party usually focuses on slashing social safety net programs, which often help those most vulnerable to the PP propaganda that "you can't afford this baby anyway."
So...I guess it will be another go-round of abstaining from the vote. But then that doesn't feel very proactive.
Which of the candidates (if any) do you think has the potential to earn your vote?

Tacy said...

Honestly, the candidate I'm rooting for is Rand Paul. He is proudly and strongly Pro-Life. My husband voted for Ron Paul in an election (8 years ago I believe), because he really liked his anti-big government stance. I am hoping Rand Paul steps up to the plate with these same ideals. He has a lot going for him, and despite any flaws, I think he is the lesser of two evils and the best candidate right now.