Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Quality Chapter Books Your Rising 2nd Grader Can Read (On Her Own) ~ 5 Faves

Today I'm talking about five quality Chapter Books your rising Second Grader can read on his or her own.  It goes without saying that a lot of good literature has been written since I was a little girl, and you know what?  Just because it's new doesn't mean it is all bad! ;) It may not have stood the test of time, but it taps into today's culture in a way that older books cannot, and you never know- it just might be here to stay. ;)

These five book series were on Molly's Summer Reading List. She has read at least one from each series, and I'm here to recommend them to you.  Molly's reading really took off during First Grade, and the fact that she is reading and finishing these chapter books is a testament to her awesome teachers, and also the fact that she ~ahem~ had to read them as a requirement for Second Grade!  It is so nice to see your daughter reading so much- and chapter books at that!- even if they aren't all considered Great Works, or Classic books. It means more food for thought, more time spent reading, and a good laugh every once in a while! I have read some of all of them, either growing up or this Summer, and I can attest that they are all worth your time.

1. Ivy and Bean

This funny and quirky heroine will captivate your daughter, in particular. In Ivy and Bean Make the Rules, two second graders start their own camp at the park while their older sister is at a real Girls Rule camp.  It will crack your rising 2nd grade child up, and it might just inspire in them and teach them some added independent playing skills. It will definitely light up their imagination.

2. The Magic Treehouse series

Always imaginative and adventurous, the kids in this series, Jack and Annie, travel around the globe, solving mysteries and learning about the place and culture where they travel. Molly has read at least three in the series. In the one we read, the kids met real monkeys and other animals living in wild India, where they had to decode a spell that had been cast on their dog.

3. Junie B. Jones

Molly read Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket and it was hysterical.  Junie doesn't want to go to a farm, of all places, because she has preconceived notions about the danger of animals such as ponies and roosters.  Junie's personality is the perfect heroine: hysterical and smart.   At one point, as they visit a farm, the farmer asks Junie to help keep the kids "in order." Her response is the best: "'In order?' I asked very thrilled. 'You mean I get to order the other children around?' Farmer Flores rubbed his chin. 'Well, yes. I suppose you could put it that way,' he said.... 'ALL RIGHT PEOPLE. GET IN LINE. FARMER FLORES IS GOING TO SHOW US AROUND! AND HE DOESN'T HAVE ALL DAY FOLKS!" (Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket, p. 47). These books will have your child laughing out loud!

4. The Boxcar Children

A classic from my childhood, this sweet story of children trying to make it on their own will spark the imagination of your child and hold their attention as a good page-turner should!  Find out what will happen to them as they flee authority and try to stick together as siblings in a wild world of newfound freedom and independence.

5. Amelia Bedelia

Always one for puns and hysterical twists on word usage, Amelia Bedelia is the klutzy, funny daughter, and someone to add to your child's list of inspirational heroines.   Amelia Bedelia's Road Trip is a quick, delightful read that will hold your rising 2nd grader's attention and make her laugh out loud.

I hope you enjoy some of these titles, and I hope your child is inspired to read more with what is left of the time we may have for Summer Reading.
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Carolyn Astfalk said...

Thanks! I hadn't heard of the Ivy + Bean series. My second-grader just got a Beverly Cleary book yesterday. She's read a lot of Magic Tree House. Always looking for something new!

Tacy said...

You are welcome! I hope she likes it!;)