Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You Know You're a Writer When... (5 faves)

top five ways you know you're a writer...

5. You analyze the homily and/or sermon and think, "That was a really nice opener/bullet point and thesis statement!" Hearing a nice turn of phrase or a great description inspires you to do the same, whenever you get the next chance!

4. You're bored at the playground, because you just thought of an idea or another point for a post or article or e-book, or some other form of publication. You need paper and pencil, but you forgot it and it's driving you crazy.;) Alternatively, the kids say something funny and you repeat it over and over to yourself like a crazy person so you won't forget it. OR (alternatively), you run inside as fast as you can to write it down.

3. Being in front of a screen with your fingers on the keyboard is definitely part of your lifestyle, and a happy part, at that. Yet you continue to buy endless numbers of journals that make your handwriting look awesome for your copious notes about your life.  This journal is the one I have been obsessed with since high school ok forever I was younger... :-) ;)

2.  You have a favorite kind of pen. Mine are: these pens.

1. And the number one reason you know you're a writer? Brainstorming, editing, and clacking away at Starbucks is your happy place. Except when you're pregnant/tired/hungry/starving, and then Starbucks is replaced by Barnes and Noble, because they have things that can help you wake up, besides coffee.  (Like books and walking around... all the time editing sentences in your head). ;)

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Ally said...

Yep! I'm right there with you! (And I carry a small planner around with me always, for those times when I just HAVE to write an idea down!)

Tacy said...

I have done and still sometimes do that. As well! I love my journal and use that for a planner too.;)