Thursday, July 16, 2015

PHFR~ What Do Goats, Pigs, and Planned Parenthood Have in Common?

My sister- and her husband and kids- came to visit us this week. She is an English teacher at a public high school in Seattle, and her husband is a licensed and trained counselor/therapist.  They have two precious and adorable kiddos- Ivey and Grey. We were so honored by their presence, and my heart swells just thinking about the sweet memories we made this past week.  Some highlights include our visit to the Zoo and our time out by the river on my parents' boat. (And please excuse my musings at the end of this post... I just couldn't. not.)




Grey Goat

Big black pig*

Thinking man monkey


Anders' response to the monkey was, "Ew, yuck."

At the end of a long day... eating brownies with fruit and cream, chilling out.

*After composing this post and looking back over the photos, I kept thinking and hearing in my heart: What Do Pigs, Goats, and Planned Parenthood Have in Common?

Sorry. I know, I’m just weaving it in today. Excuse a girl her rant ;)
But. One quick question in light of what was in yesterday’s (right?) news.
What do goats, pigs, and Planned Parenthood have in common? You do the math.
I just have one question for PP.  

Planned Parenthood, as you repeatedly, maniacally stab your salad, sip your wine, and all the while discuss your murderous practices, let me ask you a question: If you saw a garbage bag in the middle of the road, vaguely shaped like a human being, would you run over it? If you weren't sure if that were an actual, living, human, thing, would you steer your forceps in its direction?
And then just to add insult to not just “injury,” would you then SELL it? For your own profit and gain? Are you really just “helping women”?

And folks, it doesn't just end with selfish gain. Would you give the gains and your additional Profits to the campaigns of people such as Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton? And so many other government officials currently in political power all over the country, their security and pride resting on the invisible haunches of unborn children’s blood?

All of you liberal voters? You - for lack of a kinder word- are lame. Why? You have blood on your hands. Stand up for what is right. STAND UP for something besides selfishness, please. For once in your LIFE. You got a chance. Make your life count for something. You got one - to do something with. Stop this. Stop. this. Enact justice.  Stop living in apathy and bring these people to justice, instead. And in the end, you can do the math.  Fair and square. Deal? ;)

As Kathleen Norris wrote in The Cloister Walk
"Maybe monks and poets know, as Jesus did when a friend, in an extravagant, loving gesture, bathed his feet in nard, an expensive, fragrant oil, and wiped them with her hair, that the symbolic act matters; that those who know the exact price of things, as Judas did, often don't know the true cost or value of anything."

adding my link to Like Mother, Like Daughter, as per usual!


Iris Hanlin - The Starving Inspired said...

Oh I think PP knows full well what they're doing. They've just passed the point of caring. Disgusting, isn't it? Interesting how it's a "clump of cells" until it becomes "viable body parts."

The Starving Inspired
The Starving Inspired

Tacy said...

Yes--- you are right- and the video brings light to Dr. Nucatola's callousness, certainly.