Thursday, July 9, 2015

PHFR~ Turtles, Fingernails, and Kitties


Happy Fourth!

It took me about an hour and a bag of crispy m&m's but I did it.

Molly has been in a Dance Camp this week at her school, aptly called "Ballerinas on Broadway."

I knew it would be a mix of Jazz and Ballet, but when the first thing out of her mouth was "Guess what I learned today? The coffee grinder!" I was like... Oh no. What are they teaching her?!

(If you don't know what that is, turns out it's ok... see this youtube video Skip ahead to 34 sec.). The final performance is this Friday. Please don't corrupt my daughter.... Um, thanks. ;)


Playing in the sprinkler.

so much freedom.
And not a one is sarcastic yet. Just sweet and young. :-)

Anders and Madeleine (15 months apart) are really starting to look more and more like twins. He is really only a hair shorter than her now. By the way, I love this picture of Anders (above). He looks so much like my older brother in this picture.  He also has a lot of similar traits, one (I have been informed) being his ability to go to Cloud Nine.  The definition of Cloud Nine, according to my brother, is enthusiastic excitement about all things within sight distance. Look! A Squirrel! Look! A tree! Look! A truck!!!! ;) Anders.. come back from Cloud Nine! (Or don't... it's really adorable).

Speaking of, this kid loves books. I mean, loves.
It is really cute, but man I need to pay my library fine now.

Come and see.... Grandma has a secret surprise for you!

What could it be?!


Look! It's a "Shelly"!

They were  fascinated and captivated.*


Hey... let's hang out on the porch...

Oh no!! Not again!
Because pretty much all the time, or every time we leave the house, our cat escapes.

Thank you, Molly.
Since he is a runaway-come-home, he's not allowed out. He's an inside cat. Our other cat PC Sneaky has absolutely no interest in leaving. So Molly chases this one and carries him back inside. He never goes further than our yard, but you can never be too sure... Argh.  ;)


Seeing the turtle...

Madeleine: I want to touch it!
Mom: (to Anders) Do you want to touch him too?
Anders: Ah! No!
Me: Anders can you say turtle?
Anders: turtle
Me: That’s good.
Molly: Ok, I’m going back in.
Madeleine: He has some ouchy claws! Don’t want to touch his claws. HER claws I mean.
Mom: You think it’s a girl?
Madeleine: Yeah… we name her Shelly.

Adding my link to Like Mother, Like Daughter


Mary said...

Loved this! The nails, the dance "scare" had me laughing! and the cat and turtle tales! Thank you for a glimpse into a fun summer!

Mary said...

My kids love turtles too. I love your porch. Looks like a great place to take in nature!

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

I can't wait to (hopefully) have a girl some day so that I can paint her nails!
Isn't it so nice when your sweet innocent children AREN'T sarcastic? It's a rarity so good job to you, Mom! ;)
What a fun Grandma & a great surprise!

Tacy said...

@ Mary aw thanks! It has been a fun summer!!!

@ Mary we love that porch. It's a wonderful place to relax. Although it is my parents' porch!!

@ Laura I hope you have a girl too, someday! :-) And thanks. I take much pride in the fact that my kids are not sarcastic (yet!) and here's hoping!