Friday, July 3, 2015

7QT~ 7 Quick Reads vol. 10

Hey hey look! It's vol. 10 of 7 Quick Reads!  So, yeah.  So now I am doing volumes... but how confusing is it that I've also done 23 Quick Takes posts...? Be honest.  Ah well, on to the links! And the first one is oh so apropos.;)

Enjoy your morning cup-of-coffee, links-style here at Picture a Skyline... the best of the web from the past 2-3 weeks!


Humility for Bloggers @ Humble Handmaid

This reminded me of a post I wrote a few months ago. I talked in that post about jealousy a little bit, and how hard it can be not to constantly check stats, compare selfies, and feel rejected if no one leaves a comment on a post. It shouldn't be the name of the blogging game, but sometimes, it is.

However, the other piece of the puzzle is simply the beauty of it all... the creativity, the ideas, the friendships formed or forming, by blogging, etc.  I think one thing she brings to the forefront with this post is the idea that small bloggers have a place, just as much as bigger bloggers do.  Bigger bloggers have different and sometimes harder things to deal with. Even if they have good stats and bring encouragement to many, they may struggle with feeling too "out there" for all the world to see. Smaller bloggers may not be able to bring in an income from blogging, and perhaps there is apathy or burnout, because you don't see results the way some bloggers do, but even still, small blogs are encouraging some people, and their smaller blog has a place and a purpose in God's will. It takes a lot of faith to keep going when it feels like you're too small, or you never go "viral," or win the popularity contest (!!!), but like she said, the humility is very good.  And I guarantee that if you keep going, you will keep growing. Maybe not in numbers, necessarily, but in skill and in opportunities, and in lessons guaranteed, for sure. All of it just takes time. :-)  And it's also ok with me to quit and start something new, if the growth you see isn't what you had in mind. ;)


Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations @ First Things

So good, and if you haven't read it by now.... do it!


Tony Campolo Comes Out

Why does the world need the Catholic Church today? THIS is why the world needs the Catholic Church today.


Living With the World's Tiniest Hair Shirt by Elizabeth Scalia @ Our Sunday Visitor

Sometimes a little suffering goes a long way.  My life is so stressful sometimes, and putting a rock in my shoe or having something symbolic remind me that this is life is a good idea and spiritually speaking, really helpful. This spoke to me about attitude and humility, and I just thought the concept was brilliant.


10 Ways to Discourage Your Boys From A Priestly Vocation (And Holiness) @ Blossoming Joy

This woman has a gift! I absolutely love how she wrote this... "Make sure you have a parish full of joyless priests..." ha! ;) related: Catholic Women Bloggers Conference Ohio @ Blossoming Joy


I Want the Tidying Up, But Not Konmari's Brand of "Life-Changing Magic" @ Ordinary Lovely

What a good book review! It was sensitive and discerning. She moves beyond just what the book was about, and she delves into the philosophy behind why the book was written in the first place. It will certainly make you think!


What Avid Readers Do Differently... @ Modern Mrs. Darcy

What is an avid reader? Modern Mrs. Darcy has a thorough and accurate definition for you. And my two sense? The world needs MORE of these!!!

and just because I couldn't not share one more: ;)

If Nobody Likes It, It's Not Saving Money @ Real Housekeeping

I love this post and I very much agree! Eg: Cheerios, real Oreos, Heinz Ketchup (yes!), Ritz Crackers. I just don't think the name brands can be beat in some situations!

Related: I have so many thoughts on the SCOTUS decision and ruling about same sex marriage earlier this week, but it is going to take me some time to process it and find some stuff to relay onto you.  Right now my biggest concern is a lack of conscience in the public domain. Over the next fifty years, I think we will either see a return to conscience, or a complete disregard and a lot of sad people. But that is where our nation and our world will need (already needs, has needed) the Catholic Church. Amen? Amen.

Adding my link to Kelly.


Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Thanks for all the great links!

Jenny Cook said...

Thanks for the link! And I must say that I'm not surprised about Dr. Campolo. He and his wife have been on different sides of the fence about this for years, so I felt that it was probably only a matter of time. It is indeed a good time to have a Spirit-led magisterium. Although I think that there are some denominations that will hold out. I can't see the PCA, LCMS, or SBC changing their minds on this. And I noted that the LDS church came out swinging against it, too.
Good food for thought, Tacy!

Tacy said...

Thanks Ann-Marie!

Tacy said...

@jenny you're welcome!!

I agree about those more Conservatove branches. I think they have much more similarity to the Church than most mainline denominations.

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