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7 Quick Reads vol. 11~ All the BIG FEELS ed.

If you lived your life without all the big feels over the course of the past week or two, then you must not be following the news... in particular, the news about PP. Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow bloggers, friends on Facebook, and anyone else who happens to read this blog: Let's stop sanitizing the news, our hearts, our insides.. and instead embrace this messy, real, bloody story. Let's not glaze over the issue of life, but with grace, guts, and the Holy Spirit, face it. What is happening in our country? What is happening in our hearts?

See, I told you. All the BIG FEELS edition.

That's mostly what this Quick Takes is all about. If you read one article on this list, know that the Federalist deconstructed the PP debate really, really well. (See below). Also, a few other of my favorite reads over the past three or four weeks;)

Your morning cup-of-joe, links-style here at Picture a Skyline. Are you ready? Let's dig in.


Former Planned Parenthood Manager Describes Her Journey Back to God @ Life Site News

"Disturbing images of young girls who came to the facility are embedded in TreviƱo's mind – girls the same age as her own young daughter, girls with multiple sexual partners and recurrent STDs, some giving the appearance of being involved with abusive older men.
"It just seemed wrong to give them birth control," she told LifeSiteNews, "when the problem was much deeper, something birth control was not going to solve."
It's all about the money, she said. "Planned Parenthood doesn't care about women."

Cecile Richards: Hey, Yeah Sorry For That Tone @The Anchoress

"So, the euphemisms get more convoluted. Women aren’t going in for abortions; they’re not going to Planned Parenthood to stop what will continue to live, if it’s not killed. They’re simply paying money so Planned Parenthood can help them donate their baby’s organs for medical research."


Feeling Overwhelmed? Draw the Pyramid @ Jen Read it!  Putting God before everything else in life is so, so important, crucial, essential, primary.

Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion @ Rachel Held

Under President Obama’s presidency, the overall abortion rate has indeed seen a decline, but he overturned some of Bush’s restrictions on late-term abortions, and there are these drones in the sky that don’t seem very pro-life to me.  I squirmed on the couch when, during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, cheers erupted upon every mention of a woman’s “right to choose.” A lot of pro-choice folks like to say that “no one is pro-abortion,” but when celebratory concert series and festivals are organized around the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I can’t help but question the degree to which we have desensitized ourselves to the reality that abortion means the termination of, at the very least, a potential life, something that should never be celebrated with balloons and rock concerts. ...

As I advocated for the election (and re-election) of President Obama, I confess I grew somewhat embarrassed by the pro-life cause.

As good and thorough as the writing is here, because this essay is old (written:May 2, 2013), I feel like I can say that this is just a fancy-dance-pants way of saying, “I’m apathetic about the issue {now}.”  When I hear about what is going on at Planned Parenthood behind closed doors, undercover, only given full unveiling to those willing to pay them the big bucks, I can’t check out. I hear people say, “Well- yeah… I’m not surprised.. {YAWN}… here’s a good number/website you can check out…. you can call if you need anything,” we’ve dialed it in.  If we say, “Yeah… just don’t boycott my company, that ain’t nice,” we’ve already paid the check and we’re out of the building. We’re not even within earshot of caring anymore. When we say, “Well, I hear Cecile Richards got interviewed, and I think they’re just trying to create a scandal,” we. are. missing. the. point of all of this. Not only is it actually an utterly ridiculous CRIME deeply connected to greed, it is a bloodbath. These people are picking apart a human carcass, literally. Discussing how much a liver is worth.


No.  Just no.

Don’t be desultory.

Now, I’m not going to stew in my grief, worry, and fear… but just because I am choosing not to be depthless doesn't mean I can't have the peace of Christ, with full knowledge that I personally cannot change the world with fear-based discourse… that doesn’t mean I can sit back in an apathetic slough of carefully chosen words that take my name off of the “Responsible, deeply responsible” list.

I am responsible. There are people who have authority, more responsibility, and deserve more credit than me.  The people at the Center for Medical Research, they are the heroes. There are people who need to worry more than me. Lawyers. Judges. People in politics. My job is simple.  My job, in comparison, is small.

What can I do? What can we do? What are we going to do?

Vote Pro-Life. Share the videos. Care.

Then you can leave the crime-infested building.

The 4 Most Embarrassing Things Cecile Richards Said in Defense of Planned Parenthood @ The Federalist

The second video, featuring Dr. Mary Gatter, included discussions of “less crunchy” abortion techniques that can be used to preserve valuable human organs and the haggling over the price of those body parts, even though Planned Parenthood claims that they are only reimbursed for costs (costs which, if such a claim were true, should not vary one cent in the face of eager buyers willing to bump up the price)... 

Planned Parenthood is designated a non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service. Its president makes more than half a million dollars a year, its budget is more than $1 billion, and it gets more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding annually, but it’s a non-profit. What that means is not that every service is provided at cost or that all operations are managed via donation, but simply that any money it brings in is put back into the organization.

Why I'm Coming Back to Blogging @ Addie

Where else is there such a powerful reader/writer connection — a conversation, a call to interaction, a buffet of topics and ideas and thoughts and insights? It’s an invitation into the living, breathing, fighting, wild, loud, raucous international family of humanity. It’s the coolest thing.
Listen — I believe in the long works. The memoirs and novels and essays and collections. I am passionate about them…and I’m a mom in her Tired Thirties, so I barely use the word “passionate” to describe anything in my life.
Fun thoughts on blogging and how it can impact a person...

Read the Letter Planned Parenthood Sent News Outlets Warning Them Not to Air Undercover Videos @The  Blaze

People. oh pleeeeeeeeeeeease!  ;)

Bonus: Matt Walsh Speaking in Washington D.C.  on defunding PP

Because my Mom asked me: "Who is Matt Walsh?" and I feel like she and others ought to know!!! Especially since my Mom is an outspoken Pro-Life activist. Warning: some harsh language here. But blood is being spilled. The blood of innocent children. A little bitter (some would say the harshness is too extremist) but seriously. ...Watch it. ;) We need this kind of conviction, intelligence, and awareness in the public sphere and definitely in the mainstream.

to quote (not from the speech, but from Matt Walsh's FB wall):

"Also, thanks to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson for coming to speak at this event as well. They all spoke forcefully in defense of the unborn, as they should. Any Republican who isn't crying out against this atrocity consistently, passionately, and convincingly, is no ally. It's time for everyone to stand for life or stand aside. Period."

If you want to see the end of Planned Parenthood, see them come to justice for lies about the sale of fetal body parts, or just see a little crumble in the fabric of the demented, ignorant underbelly of society- a direct result of the sexual revolution, something we shouldn't be getting behind as committed Christians- Share these articles.  Do your research. Go to the right rally. Stand with the Pro-Life movement in your thoughts, in your prayers, and especially -- in your actions. Do something, don't stand aside as I did in the last election. I couldn't make a decision, but knowing what I know now, there is no other decision to make. Because just standing there? Just voting yourself into the machine of murder? That is willingly siding yourself with the evil, unjust, disgusting business of murdering innocent lives for money... a conscience-less practice with nothing- absolutely nothing- to back it up.  Prayers should be sent up that this convoluted movement is left spinning. This should not go on. This shouldn't go on another day.

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