Friday, July 24, 2015

7 Blogging Hacks to Make Blogging a Little Faster and a Little Better (I Heart Blogging Series pt 3)

This week, I'm doing a series on Blogging here. Bloggers unite! I {Heart} Blogging is where I tell you what I have learned, in over eight years of blogging. I hope it encourages you in your own journey. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments for me. ;)

Are you looking for a few simple hacks for taking your blog to the next level?  With this series, and with this post, I am not saying I have reached all of my goals of blogging, nor am I saying that I have a lot of brilliant advice for you tucked up my sleeve.  Rather, I am just trying to encourage you with some tips that have been helpful to me over the past 8 years of blogging myself.  Having fun and being successful are different things entirely. Here are some tips for you bloggers out there! If you have a question or need clarification, ask me in the comments or send me an email!


To make blogging a little faster and a little better, you should...write when you're inspired.  I often find that opening my feedly and reading blogs in the morning is actually one of the best ways to get inspired to do my own blogging routine. (That and reading real books... a beautiful turn of phrase or a favorite quote can get my juices flowing... sorry I hate that metaphor.)  My internet shuts off at 10am everyday, so that's my personal routine.  If I want to write any other time of the day, I use textedit offline. If you write when you're inspired to do so, I personally think that the words flow more naturally, and your posts sound more authentic. (Read more about My Morning Writing Routine here).


To make blogging a little faster, you should... plug in your iPhone/camera at the same time everyday.  You can't control the muse (necessarily), but you can always add photos to a post and come back to the writing part. I try to plug in my iPhone in the morning everyday, so that I can crop and edit the lighting and often will go ahead and add some photos to a blogpost. That's a great thing to do when you're in a blogging rut.  I edit my photos on-the-go more often than not (read more about mobile editing a post I wrote here: How I Edit Photos).


To make blogging a little better, you should...spend more time working on writing one post.  Not only does it make it worth our while, it is more fun to keep coming back to a post in drafts and crafting it to perfection than it is to crank out three or four less-than-stellar posts a week.  Main reason: I notice that the more I put into one post, the more likely I am to get some kind of a response, whether it is a comment here, a like on Facebook, or a comment or retweet on Twitter. People notice and they care when you put a little more into your blogpost.


To make blogging a little better, you should....consider changing your name or design to something that suits you better. If you don't like the look or name of your blog, change it. No, I'm not talking about Carrots for Michaelmas! (A beautiful name for a lovely blog... We/I love that blog name/design!) I mean, if you sort of hate your blog name, and it makes you not want to blog, or you sort of hate your web design and it makes you not want to blog, change it!! Just don't stop blogging, whatever you do.


To make blogging a little faster, you should...write and blog at the same time everyday. This goes hand in hand with numbers 1 &2, but I will reiterate that blogging - like anything else- is a formed habit.  If you do it at the same time everyday, you are more likely to accomplish what you're setting out to do, than if you try to do so inconsistently or are squeezing it in at random times throughout your day. I not only read, write, and work on blogposts in the morning, I also comment on other blogs (try to at least), and use all social media channels in the morning, as well.  This functions well for two reasons: so that I don't forget to do so, and so that the habit remains! ;)


To make blogging a little better, you should...write about what you're passionate about. No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. We all have our passions.  Also, remember that we all have goals, strengths, gifts, graces, and along with those, mistakes, and patterns of weakness, but if you're forcing any aspect of blogging, be it the writing side, the photo editing side, or the design, people will notice.  The number one thing you need for a successful blog is a love for writing-... and a love for editing photos and doing the design side of things, the marketing side, the projects behind a post, or what have you? Those don't hurt, but they're not the end-all, be-all of blogging.


To be a making blogging a little faster and a little better, you should...stay focused.  I could write an entire post about this.

  • Stay focused by honing in on a main idea for each post.

Focused writing: Focused, precise writing is the make-or-break-it deal between a just a blogger and a published writer.

  • Figure out who you truly are, and the rest will follow. 

Keep a focused persona. My favorite blogs are the people who are true to themselves on their blog. We don't all have to be hilarious, or live on a farm.... or be thoughtful, vulnerable, and super deep. We don't all have to be bookish or lead incredibly interesting lives all the time or travel in Europe, in order to be good bloggers. But we all have the duty to ourselves and others to be real and to be ourselves. Tell the truth, and do your best with all of the know-how you have in you. People will notice, and they'll start to care. Keep in mind that if you're always impersonal on your blog, people might start to care a little less.

  • Take breaks so that you can come back to blogging truly ready. 

Have a focused blog time. Do your best with the time that you have, but take breaks from the internet and from your blog regularly... even (definitely) everyday. Don't forget to have moments and seasons of rest, or you'll burn out.

Were you waiting for someone to say these things? Now you can go forth and do it/carry it out! I hope some of these ideas and tips were helpful for you today. May you be blessed in your blogging!

This is part three in a series.
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Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Stopping by from 7QT. Great ideas. I especially like the one about plugging in the camera at the same time every day.

Tacy said...

Thank you, Ann- Marie!

Ally said...

Carrots for Michaelmas is such a great blog name- I've loved it for a long time! =)

Tacy said...

Yes! Agreed!;)

Anonymous said...

Good ideas! I like #1- write when you're inspired. Soo true. In this digital age I am so used to typing everything but I have started scribbling outlines for posts in the back of my planner as they come into my head- it makes writing so much easier and quicker when the time comes to sit down in front of the laptop!

Tacy said...

I know.... right?! ;) My planner is always coming to my aid- I am attached to my planner and journal!

Jenny Cook said...

Great tips, Tacy! As someone who blogs by the seat of my pants (and therefore don't blog as much as I would like), this is good food for thought.

Tacy said...

I appreciate it. :-) I'm thinking talking about blogging is one of my favorite things;)