Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What do you say over and over? (5favorites) + A Giveaway!

What are the things that you say over and over again to your children?

I also often say phrases like… No no! to my kids, obviously. Because if our job isn’t this, what is it? :-)  Also.... calm down… I love you… just hang on… be patient…be honest....time to clean up!  I try to be gentle (as much as I can) in how I tell them no, or stop. No one likes a screaming Mommy, who constantly yells "no" or "stop." I hear them imitating my gentle (or angry! ;) tone of voice, and it makes me want to be a better Mom.
But what do you say THE MOST?! Here are my top five:

1. Be careful/Careful!

I am saying this constantly. Four (almost five) kids, 7 and under: while they’re jumping, wrestling, rolling, splashing… be careful!

2. Be nice/ Do Nice!

I say this so much it hurts. It pulling hair, no whining, no complaining, no putting other people/siblings down. In other words, kindness wins the day. Again and again.  Use good manners! Also- Do nice! This goes beyond “be nice,” to telling your kids and teaching your kids to act upon the kindness they have been working to learn. “Do nice,” means don't just act nice or pretend to be nice- let your actions be your kindness!;) Because they’re either learning kindness from us, or they’re not.

3. Good listening! 

If I have to be harsh, in giving correction, I usually follow up with "Good listening!" because it takes the edge off the correction, and it gives them a confidence boost to know that they were listening and obeyed.  Listening is so important, such as when we're out for a walk and the kids are bounding away from me or teetering near the edge of the street. Reinforcing good behavior with "Good listening!" really seems to help these times.

4. No touch!

Or “don't touch,” for toddlers. Again… with Anders I’m repeating this constantly, pretty much. :-) Don’t touch the dead bug, don’t touch the nasty floor of McDonald’s, don’t touch bird poop, don’t touch your own poop. No touch! ;)

5. You're Right! 

This word abounds with my 3-year-old preschooler Madeleine. She loves to learn. When she's bored, I try to follow Montessori's method of giving her something to work on. When she folds a towel the right way, I encourage her. You're right! When she  freaks out or at least goes into freak-out mode about spills, accidents, bugs, putting on her seatbelt, and sibling squabbles, sometimes, she screams as loudly as she can about something that seems small to me. I'm often puzzled at her reaction, but try not to take it personally or too seriously -- because she IS 3 after all! So I have to remind her that a lot of the time she's right. "You're right, that's how you say it/buckle it/wipe it/fold it/clean it up!"

What are some of the other things that you say over and over to your children?

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I follow you on Twitter as @franciscanmom.

What do I say over and over to my kids? (Well, this is really only for my youngest kid, who is 13 now)
During the school year, "Homework isn't done until it's packed."
In the summertime, "Stay outside until you're dry!"
Always: "Clean up your own mess."

Karen B said...

I say SLOW DOWN and SIT DOWN a lot in our house! I have a girl who is go-go-go-go all the time, and never sits still. So when it comes to eating we have to practice eating more slowly and staying in our seat. Oh yeah, and along those lines "Stop, listen and look at my eyes" so I know that my words are actually registering in her busy brain :)
Following you on Pinterest @karenbow! :)

Michele Chronister said...

"Come on, with me!" I never realized how many weird sayings I had until my 4 year old started repeating them. ;-)
That book is awesome! If I win I can totally pass it on to a friend!!!!!!

Caitlyn said...

I liked you on facebook. ;)

I sadly say "NO!" a lot right now... but lately I've been saying a lot of "take a deep breath and calm down" instead and OH it has helped. We also talk a lot about being "cheerful and cooperative". It's more of a reminder for me than the kids.

Tacy said...

Lisa Zeik
thank you for following me on instagram- you are also entered to win

Beth Hersom said...

I'm following on Facebook.

What do I say most often? This week I think its, "You can't go outside naked." I know, I know. Positive reinforcement and all. But she's naked. And outside. Again.

Rhonda Ortiz said...

I already follow you everywhere. :-D What I'm saying right now is mostly to myself: STAY CALM. My oldest kiddo is going through some anxiety something-or-other with a TON of changes around our house, and it's coming out in tantrums. :-/

Jessica said...

Lately I say - "Inside voice! We're all in the same room." and "Quit going in and out the door - choose one!"
I just liked you on facebook!

Anonymous said...

I say "gentle!" probably 25 times a day, but all 5 of yours are definitely in heavy rotation!

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