Thursday, June 11, 2015

PHFR- Hiking and Our Staycation

Playing... Scrabble! With Grandma, no less!

I'm always trying to get better pics of my boy. Yes, he was happy... We were about to have these Pentecost Sundaes in this picture. :-)~
all happy ;)

On the Saturday after Molly got out of school, we celebrated by taking a family hike on a nearby mountain with a beautiful lake on top.

I woke up late, around 7-7:30, can't remember for sure, and then fed the kids breakfast. I did a little bit of cleaning and organizing of my closet, then around 10am I made lunches and packed a cooler of waters for the family.  We left for the hike around 10:30.

On our hike we saw a deer, a turtle, a snail, a cricket, 2 grandaddy long legs, squirrels, a chipmunk, and three yellow centipedes. The kids had so much fun, and the location of our hike - Raccoon Mountain- had some great picnic tables and bathrooms, scenic views and drives, and a beautiful volleyball court that simply meant "Huge Sandbox" to our kids! And no, we didn't see any raccoons.

When we got home, the girls watched a movie, Anders napped, and Stephen and I had decaf coffee and read. I was trying to catch up on my goal for May: Finishing two Chesterton books.

After that, I made smoothies for the kids, and we read aloud from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  Stephen went to the store (which took about an hour and half, but it seemed like forever!), and we mopped and played with the toy keyboard for a while.

When Stephen got home, they ate fruit while he grilled brats and burgers.  We had a great cookout, watched the first half of The Sound of Music, and had the kids in bed by 9. Not bad for summertime!

Nothing fancy... just my dollar store placemats that we've been using recently.

I tried doing a little reading while sipping on some beer, but the cookout food and the half a beer were making this pregnant lady verrrrrry tired, so I hit the sack early.  I was proud, though, because I accomplished everything on my to-do list for the day! {Care for Kiddos as usual;), Get organized, go on family hike, and read G.K. Chesterton). Big props to me. haha. I think next trimester, I'm going to give up alcohol. I could probably handle it seeing as I don't even like it that much and never drink more than one beer/one glass of wine (but it's often half). ;)

~just for fun~

And just for fun, here are some other pictures that I took this week on our family #Staycation, already recorded somewhat on the instagram. ;)

We spent one day of our staycation by a creek and it was just what the kids needed. Right before we left, a  baby copperhead poked his head out of the water, got some air, then went back down under his rock. An older gentleman was there and he identified it. It was scary, but he was tiny (pretty small) and seemed shy. He was tan with dark brown diamonds.

If you're wondering where I am next week, see this post.

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Anonymous said...

Love those serious baby faces! Looks like a great day. Blessings, Annie

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Aren't stay-cations the greatest? Especially with little ones. Looks like you've had some nice family time.

Jill Foley said...

lots of summer fun

Tacy said...

Thank you! It was a great day. I love Summer and all that it brings!

Chere Mama said...

LOVE the Scrabble game faces!! And your dining room table with the flowers looked like such a peaceful place to sit.

Leila said...

Great post -- contentment right where you are!
Love it!

Kari said...

Love this and all the fun these pictures show. Thanks for sharing!