Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to Create a Summer Craft Collection On a Dime

Crafts are a pretty big part of our Summers. In addition to reading out loud, playing outside, and doing Chores, crafts are a great thing to do with kids during the Summer, while you're trying to avoid watching screens or playing with screens  (cough, cough) the plague. ;)

Here’s how we’re getting organized for a Summer of Crafting.

on a Dime :-) ;-)

What I Included: (all purchased at the Dollar Store unless otherwise indicated)

~colored pencils
~brightly colored paper
~white paper
~cotton balls*
~rubber bands*

also included: 
~watercolor paints*
~wonder dough (from the Dollar Store)

*already had on hand

Other Ideas for Materials You Might Want to Include and/or have on hand already:

-Modeling Clay
-Finger Paint

Here are 5 EASY Categories of Crafts and Art Ideas That We Plan on Making This Summer:

(1) Paper-and-Sticker Crafts:

-Make Paper Sunflowers
-Make a Paper Heart Garland
-Paint an Underwater Scene or Aquarium on a Paper Plate
-Make a Farm Scene on a Piece of Construction Paper
-Color Tea Pots, Butterflies, and Cupcakes, then Decorate them with Stickers
-Make Sticker Books
-Make Homemade Bookmarks

(2) Projects and Games:
-Create-Your-Own Journal Cover
-Do Shape Sorting and Matching on Cardboard
-Make a “Mom I’m Bored” Jar

(3)Birthday Crafts:
-Make Homemade Birthday Cards
-Make a “Happy Birthday” Paper Garland
-Make a Paper Pennant Banner or Garland
-Pick a Theme and Do Homemade Decorations based on a theme

(4) Water Color Paintings and Art:
-Make a Sponge Painting
-Make a Tree with Pencil and Paint It In
-Make Buildings and Paint Them In
-Make a Tape Painting
-Make a Bas Relief with Crayon and Watercolor

(5) Dough-Related Crafts/Other:
-Make Wonder Dough Sculptures
-Shape Dough With Cookie Cutters
-Bake and Paint Dough
-Make Painted Noodle Necklaces
-Make Tape Drawings/Paintings- and let little ones finger paint

A few of the things we have made thus far:
cut-out-and-tape watercolor fish, for an underwater scene

paper sunflowers

farm scene with stickers

Adding my link to Jenna @ Call Her Happy


Ashley B said...

Oh my gosh, SO many great ideas here! I'm jotting down notes for our One Fun Thing a Day!

Tacy said...

Aw, thanks! I hope you find something fun for you and your little ones to do!;)