Friday, May 22, 2015

7QT~ 7 Quick Reads

Well, yesterday, I came down with a cold. My Mom helped out with the kids, I went to the OB for my regular check-up, and then I spent the day napping, reading, and catching up on online stuff. I found some good stuff. Here are the best reads curated for you, for your reading pleasure, from the past two or three weeks. Your morning shot-of-caffeine, links-style here at Picture a Skyline.


How I almost didn't attend that Catholic Women's Blogging Conference... and why I'm so glad I did @ Surviving Our Blessings

I felt like I was going with her! This felt like a good recap to me! Fun, fun, fun. I read so many of these bloggers, and it makes me happy to think about them getting together.

7 (Affordable) Maternity Style Tips @ The Cream To My Coffee

Although I don't read many fashion blogs, I really do like this one. Ashley's style is very similar to mine. Frugal, polished, simple, pretty.  I feel like her tips here are totally noteworthy and doable. And she is super beautiful to boot.

Sheer Muttonheadedness, by Kendra Tierney @ Blessed Is She

This post! Such a good reminder for Pentecost Sunday. She makes a really good point: the disciples were different people before and after the Resurrection. One little thing made all the difference: The Holy Spirit! I love it.

Francis Agonistes, or as someone summarized for me, "Fear of a Radical Pope" @ The New Republic. From the article...

“And I began to love him,” Augustine wrote of his mentor, Saint Ambrose, in the fifth book of his Confessions, “of course, not at the first as a teacher of the truth, for I had entirely despaired of finding that in [God’s] Church—but as a friendly man...” 

"Pope Francis knows that his language is evocative of contemporary ecological movements, but this is a testament to his genius, not his incompetence. "
Don't read Catholicism Undervalues Women without reading the responses Catholic Women: A Progress Report, and The New York Times Mansplains Why Catholicism Undervalues Women @ The Catholic New Agency

If You read Matt Walsh's blog post, Maybe Christianity in America is Dying Because It’s Boring Everyone to Death? you should also read...Survey Fail: Christianity Isn't Dying @ USA Today


An Intentional Summer Plan and Routine For Kids @ Live Renewed

There are so many good ideas here, and I personally needed the reminder about getting kids on the Chores bandwagon early- like at the beginning of Summer and not later than that! I also really like her approach to screen time. It is realistic, which I can relate to.

Adding my link to Kelly @ This Ain't The Lyceum today.


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