Friday, May 1, 2015

7QT~ 7 Quick Reads~ Humorous, Literary, and Thought-Provoking

The past two or three weeks have been full of great reads on the internet!  Enjoy your morning-cup-of-coffee, links style.... here at {Picture a Skyline}!


Kelly's no poo post had me totally cracking up! If you haven't yet, you simply must head over to her blog and read it for a laugh (or several).
no poo experiment failure @thisaintthelyceum

Ana's post about turning 30 was awesome! She is always heartfelt and funny, without being obnoxious at all. "My birthday flowers are dead, along with my youth..." ha!
confessions of a 30 year old mom of four @ Time Flies When You're Having Babies

This is an important one to read.  A lot of *really* good food for thought here. The issue of how many children to have is one I have thoughts about, for sure. This goes in depth with some of the issues at hand. Worth a read.
It's Ok to Not Want Kids, But It's Not Ok to Hate Them @ Verily

This post made me want to read more books! Loved it.
Quick Lit: Anglophilia Edition @ The Romance of Thrift

Erin's blog always makes me smile. This post stood out above the rest... although there were others on her blog lately that I could have linked to. So many great examples in this particular post, though! Who are YOUR life's speak-up people?
Spiritual Works of Mercy and Your Life's Speak-Up People @ Humble Handmaid

I really enjoyed reading about the journey of reading Kristin Lavransdatter. By LC. Worth a read. Isn't that the cutest name for a blog, ever?!
Kristin Lavransdatter: The Bridal Wreath @ Charming Farming

I was so proud of RH's own Jenny Cook for sharing her story of conversion to Catholicism at the recent CWBN conference. And it was just really nice to read this recap- go CWBN!!! I wish someone would host one in my neck of the woods.
CWBN//CA: The redux plus all the feels @ California to Korea

my article What I Would Say If My Child Were Gay had some interesting follow-up comments. The discussion was mostly favorable, with some interesting thoughts- worth reading!- thrown in the mix. Do you have anything to add? It's not too late to engage in that interesting conversation.

And speaking of that, Catholic Justice Kennedy has the final vote for the Supreme Court from the hearings on Tuesday, but we won't find out the ruling until June. Pray!

as always, adding my link to Kelly's place today!

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