Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 18~ Easter Memories and Texas!

So we made it to Texas and back~ if you want to see eight years of Easter Memories in our family, see this post (updated from two years ago).

Here are a few photos from Texas..

We stayed with our dear friends, the Aparicios.

Yeah, so their kids are pretty much the cutest.

Our Godson, Tomas. The cheeks! I die. 


The drive was long, but we broke it up by avoiding the ugly rest stops, for the most part, with longer stops at non-fast food restaurants (Olive Garden) and multiple peanut butter and jelly picnics throughout the duration of our trip. 

I did a lot of reading in the car. WOOT. Major, major reading time. I was able to finish the 749 beast that is Team of Rivals. Yes, I did read the whole stinkin' thing. I helped with driving, but Stephen actually really likes driving, because he listens to lectures while doing so. I had forgotten that when Lincoln died, there was a triple assassination plot. His secretary of state Seward was almost murdered, but in the end he recovered. His Vice President's assassin chickened out at the last minute. Thank you MMD for the rec.

The girls outside our hotel, Hampton Inn.

Madeleine declared the Hampton Inn carpet "the prettiest carpet" she'd ever seen. She really did.
I mean, right? It's like the beach and insanity all rolled into one happy package/design.;)

Fort Worth, TX

Something really cool and amazing from our trip was that the first day we were there, we got to see a real rodeo, Wild West edition, in Fort Worth, TX.  

They did a really fine job. Later that night, we ate at one of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in the area, Joe T. Garcias.

At a real, historical saloon! Can't remember if this was the White Elephant or a different one. But definitely authentic, and pure Texas.

The girls got cowgirl hats that day, as souvenirs from our trip.

On our trip, I read... Team of Rivals, The Kalahari Typing School for Men, Stitches by Anne Lamott, and I picked up a few books while we were there. (More on that coming up in a minute).

Easter baskets! With eggs full of Easter m&m's!

Finding Easter baskets.

We did an Easter egg hunt, Texas style, at the Aparicio's parish. Fun! It was still really cold, so the girls borrowed sweaters from our friends.

Having fun at the Science and History Museum.

Reading on a train car at the Science and History Museum.

Digging for Dinosaur bones at the Science and History Museum

Lunch at In-n-out ... I think it had been since college for me. I felt like I was in Cali. So YUM! When you are 18 weeks pregnant, don't listen to the lady who tells you "one serving of fries is enough for two people," because we were really glad we ordered 4 baskets for 5 people!! Their fries are so good.

A trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area would not be complete without a visit to the amazing Zoo. So, on Monday, we went to the Zoo, of course! Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, and the Zoo - in my humble opinion- was unparalleled to any Zoo experience I've had (Maybe five other zoos? So, ya know, a relatively average number of zoo experiences. heh.). It just goes on and on!
Sofia enjoyed the zebras and rhinos!

Sofia had been to the zoo before, so she recommended (asked) that we pay a dollar to feed the birds.

What a great idea, Sofia! It was so much fun. They ate almost right out of our hands. Almost. We had sticks with honey and birdseed on them, and the birds would fly right up to us to eat. Our girls about died ... so fun!  A highlight of our trip.

On our last day, we had to go to Denton, Texas for an amazing Used Bookstore experience.
Stephen, Katie, and Bernie, about to cross the street to go to Recycled... one of the coolest bookstores I've ever been to! Huge!

Books... everywhere.

It's inside of an old opera house. Wow, Texas. You pretty much just hit it out of the park (and being a lover of McKay's, I really didn't think that was possible.)

Behold. Mammoth. From our haul, I came away with a Louisa May Alcott biography (Civil War nurse, check!),  an Alcott novel previously unknown to me, and a large stack of little golden books. And, a few others to give as gifts.

We didn't take Anders... He stayed behind, with the Grandparents! But we brought him a Texas hat!
When we came home .... our car was a sticky mess, but we were so refreshed! Thank you, to our dear, sweet friends for letting us come crash your pad. Your hospitality was warm and balmy, like Texas, and sweet and fun, like Easter. So many good conversations were had. All in all, a very successful trip (and Spring Break for Molly).

funny things they say

We had a few funny quotes during the trip...

Frances (on the way down, using her imagination): Have you ever had sassagrass? It's blue and it tastes delicious.... just like melted popsicles.

Molly (on the way back, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory):  When you try to hang your hat on those, they hold onto it! That was creepy, and silly, and very, very strange.

Frances: (later on) Madeleine... have you ever had sassagrass? It's blue and it tastes delicious.. just like melted ice-cream.

Molly: (in reference to sending Stephen texts like "I love you Daddy" while at work) How did you know it was me? Because I'm such a good speller, and I know how to work this thing?
Stephen: Yeah, and because Mommy doesn't call me Daddy.

Madeleine: (age 2) Mommy, can you clean that up? Anduhs spilled pwetzel goldfish on the floor.

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Iris Hanlin - The Starving Inspired said...

Fort Worth looks like a true old country town. :) What fun - Happy Easter!

The Starving Inspired

Tacy said...

Thanks! It was actually really fun. :-)

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

What a fun trip! And 'In and Out' - yum! I definitely could have gone for one of their burgers during my 1st trimester with this most recent pregnancy! And that carpet IS beautiful!

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