Thursday, April 23, 2015

~Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ Books and Bookshelves


Ah, empty bookshelves. A pretty sight.

I finally rearranged the nursery. I truly wanted to hide the couple of spots on the wall, without having to repaint the entire room, so I moved the bookshelf from the girls' room into the nursery. In front of the spots. 
Our resident spitfire, Madeleine Esther.


I divided the book up by categories, according to age and reading level. 
Pictured above are babies and toddlers...

Pre-K and First Grader....

Holidays, and Religious.

She helped me pick flowers and put them into arrangements!

I asked her if she could take a picture, and voila! Photo by Frances!


This is what the girls' bedroom looked like when their bookshelf went missing...


I didn't exactly fit all of the books back on the bookshelf...heh. The nursery looks better, though. And the girls' room as of right now has stacks of books everywhere. That's the way I like it anyway. I mean, not ideal, but books everywhere? There are worse problems. They may soon be finding their home in a closet or basket nearby.
the finished results! :)

~real/random... some thoughts on homeschool~

I thought about sharing this on my About page, but I decided that it probably wasn’t the most significant thing in the world, but it is one thing you may not know about me. I started blogging under the Blog Title “Love Baby Beck” eight years ago.  It was my sounding board for all of my ideas, and thoughts (be they spiritual or just deep), as well as a Mom blog about Molly.  I then switched the blog into a Homeschooling Blog, when Molly was in Pre-K, called “Songbirds in Summerschool.” If you’ve been around the blogosphere for a very long time, you might remember that one.  I used to do the Simple Homeschool (long time fan of Simple Mom/Art of Simple right here!) and other Homeschooling Link-ups, such as 1+1+1=1, and other stuff like that. One thing I will say is… well, two things. First of all, don’t change your blog title. I mean, do, if you really intend to change your blogging identity, which I did. Or do, if your blog title is bad and you need or want to. But don’t if you are a small blogger and want to keep your traffic and allegiances and all of that. I mean, some people can get away with it, but I regret it in some ways. My friends IRL probably are like “Why does she keep changing her blog title? Is she having an identity crisis?” LOL and hahaha. I am happy with my blog title now, though. I will say that.

Second, I was (sort-of?) a homeschooling Mom for a couple of years. (I know, right? Don’t get any ideas).  I was sorta into it, actually. I bought a bunch of curriculum, such as Song School Latin, books like Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and Bible Verse Memory CD’s, and I borrowed curriculum such as "Before Five in a Row," as well. We spent a lot of time checking out educational books and DVD’s from the library, (chock it up to the amazing and huge library in Hyattsville, Maryland) and doing projects and nature study, too. I read a ton, and I talked to a lot of people about Charlotte Mason and the Design-Your-Own-Classical-Curriculum books by Laura Berquist. I wrote about all of it on my second, short-lived blog. It fizzled, although it was a lot of fun, and I learned and grew from the short, but passionate experience of homeschooling.

Honestly, the reason I did homeschooling was that we were living far from home, so it gave us lots to keep busy with, and I thought Molly would be an early reader, because she was fascinated by books at a very young age. Those two things were my motivation for starting.* But she wasn’t an early reader (turns out she is a total math whiz, though), and I turned the pressure - on myself and on her- way down, realizing the homeschooling Mom hat eventually wasn’t fitting me right anymore. And guess what? She did fine, anyway. For all of the Homeschooling Moms out there, I really, really respect and dig you.  And I do sort-of miss those days of homeschooling, I have to be honest…and I identify with that mindset, totally. But I’m also very thankful for Molly’s Catholic school, too. It's great! So, now you know a bit more about my blogging/personal history if you’re new to this space. Also, if you’re wondering, “Hey, where’d her archives go?” now you know. :0)  A lot of the material isn’t/wasn’t “me” anymore, and I felt like it was just time to move on.

My last real/random? (Maybe this was the other reason I stopped homeschooling... ) Why do I always misplace Library books? Blergh! I have almost lost my steam for even going to the Library because of my lack of skillz with keeping library books straight!

*Also, I spent a couple of years teaching in two amazing Homeschool Co-ops-turned-Classical-schools in Maryland my first three years out of college. I taught Middle School English, High School Rhetoric and Debate, Dance, and Elementary Science to some awesome students that I still miss. So. Anyhow. Fun facts about me, 101. Ha, ha.

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Jill Foley said...

Books everywhere is a great problem! We often have them in the school room, in the hallway, on the stairs, scattered on the girls' floor and even in our bedroom.

Laura said...

We, too, have books everywhere! I love going to other people's homes and seeing all their books. And I can totally relate to your feelings about the library and the lost books. I cringe when the kids come out with 20 books each because then that means that someone (me) has to keep track of all of them. Ugh

Tacy said...

Yes Jill and Laura! If I could only figure out a good system for lost library books, I would be a happy camper!

Thanks for the comments! :-)

Marcia said...

Books, books, and more books always make for the best start in life! Have fun reading together!