Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Planning 101

It's okay with you if I just make this a long, rambling one this time, right? (Ok, thank you, I needed that). I need to get a lot of things together and organized before Easter. I absolutely love planning holidays and collecting ideas! But my Pinterest app was gone for Lent... boo. But I do have a Holidays (Mostly Easter) board! I want to transform the living room, like we did with Christmas. I was just looking at pictures of the room at Christmas and thinking WOW(!!!)... how different it looked with the tree, and everything!  I have spent 8 years collecting decor for Christmas but it has only 4 years since we’ve been Catholic (that is so hard to believe!), so I don’t have much in the way of Lent/Liturgical living experience, or decor for that matter, yet.  I’m honestly so impressed by the people who converted, with kids, and find the time to do it all.

I still need to get a bunch of candy and maybe some Cadbury eggs, those last ones are just for me and Stephen.  We’re going to binge since we gave up chocolate for Lent.  Two years ago for my birthday we went to a town about an hour North of here with a Russel Stover Outlet. Oh my goodness, the chocolate. Help me.;) I wanted to serve a delicious Easter meal- with ham and cheese croissants, mashed potatoes, green beans, maybe sausage balls, wine, and a chocolate trifle, because Easter! But I ended up making almost that exact menu for Palm Sunday, minus the rolls.  I was planning a tablecloth and cloth napkins in Spring colors. However, I bought some light green placemats for Spring and St. Patrick's Day, so we're sticking with those. When I think decor that transforms, I think candles. I think we need a bunch of candles for our centerpiece for the Easter season*… or at least one or two. ;)

I got Easter clothes for all the kiddos except for Molly on Zulily. I was looking for her, but then we went Easter dress shopping at a place my Mom recommended for getting USED shoes at a consignment sale for Spring. Does anyone else debate between sandals for Spring/Summer and white shoes with closed toes for tights/early Spring weather? I do. I always grew up with the notion that there were no white shoes until Easter, and then.... only white shoes- for church, that is. Nothing fancy. Is that odd? We ran in and found some used stuff, then I ended up finding her dress at another store. For St. Patrick’s Day, I was planning cool weather and it was hot, and on Palm Sunday it turned cold enough for tights, and sweaters.
We're headed to Texas (thus, the big meal on Palm Sunday!), so I'm trying to pack our stuff, and I'm loving this book How to Pack, that I found at McKays on Saturday. I have a couple of magazines, three or four really good books, and some new music. The girls have been waiting several weeks to be allowed to download the paid version of "Play Home" (a very nice iPad app) for the trip, so that they can play it on the way there. We have a kids' songs CDs and their Daddy playlists (I'll have to tell you about that another time) that they like. Any other in-the-car ideas for me?
We weren't planning on doing “Easter presents” this year… just candy and maybe some playdoh and a few extras, like hair-clips, in their Easter baskets. We did jewelry last year, and purses last year, so not again.  I spread the love among the 4, and ended up not getting new bows/clips, but instead got some of their Easter books at a used bookstore (mckay forever!) I did end up getting two more Shining Light Dolls since the older two missed out before. Did you miss my Easter playlist on Spotify? Remedy that, post haste.My prayer for you during Lent is that you would see others as God sees them- with an abundance of grace and love. Life is short, and Lent is only 40 days; may it be a time of growth and change in all of our hearts. And may Jesus be with you, in your heart and in your mind during this Eastertide.

*Easter season= Eastertide=the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost= April 5-May 24

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Jenna@CallHerHappy said...

Let's talk Cadbury Eggs aka my love language. Are they discontinuing them in the States? Did I hear that? Tell me I didn't hear that, ok?

Tacy said...

Say WHAaa?! No, that is not ok...