Friday, April 17, 2015

7QT~ Bored of Facebook? 7 Reasons I Love Twitter.

I used to never go on Twitter. I had an account, but it was virtually defunct. When I first started to finally use my account, at first I was all, "Am I the last person to tweet in the world?" But then I noticed that a lot of people that I know never go on Twitter ever, either, and I mean not at all never... and I was wondering- what in the world? Is is because I'm from the South and I'm not somewhere like, say, Silicon Valley? (#notbitter). Or is it because "Twitter is the Walmart of Social Media"? No! I  started to wonder how I could remedy that.  For years, I saw my husband  go on Twitter, and actually getting a lot out of it, and I wondered why he used it, and how.  The main reason I avoided it, and I should say, I avoided it *like the plague,* was because I thought I would spend too much time on the site.  The other reason? It seemed so much less personal than Facebook; it seemed more dry and boring, with a confusing number of things going on.

However, I love it now. I think I'm becoming a Twitter person.  It really does kinda make me smile.  Why?  Here are (just) seven reasons to be a part of Twitter and/or appreciate it.


Explore the "Mighty Meaty"

I know, gross. Right?! But it's true. You can grab a whole bunch of content in one fell swoop. There is just more there. And you can do that without wading through pictures of your friends' kids, or silly quizzes, or articles that don't suit your fancy. If you follow the right people, or organizations, you will quickly get in the know (which I feel is so important!) without too much time or effort. It's like a slice of very meaty pizza... and who wouldn't like that? I mean... that is, if you're pregnant, of course, *cough, cough*. You can look up what's trending, such as "#aprilfoolsday" and find out all of the funny things you missed that day. Is there an event you're sad to miss? Check the hashtag to keep in the know.


Find Fun People

Twitter is all about who you follow, of course! I love Anne Bogel (MMD) for her book recommendations and fun Kindle deals. Cristina is all awesomeness for hashtags and availability.  Famous singers? Check. Famous writers? Check. Actors? Check. Comedians? Check. It's fun! But be sure to follow the right people.  Really political or a-political, or really mean people are not welcome on my feed. I don't use words like A-Hole nor do I allow graphic pictures or nudity. Places like  #MTV or people who regularly retweet this type of content? They are right out. Customize... get ideas for good people and orgs to follow, and it will be what you make of it.


Get Quick Results

If you want to see, be seen, converse, get comments, etc. it all happens really fast on Twitter. It is a great place to converse on a quick time span. Honestly, I wish I had more friends and family who actually used Twitter, because I think it would be a (more) fun way to converse without feeling like the spotlight is on you, as such with FB. Spotlight effect is already something I have trouble with, just in general. I'm also a big fan because it doesn't feel as image-driven as instagram. So. Twitter is better. For that, anyway.


Drive Up Your Traffic

Twitter is a good place to get hits, period. Some people post from instagram to Twitter, but if that's your style, that's fun too. Some people use it to retweet and promote or interact with other people. Some people just use it for a few things, such as adding a link to their blog, favoriting a few favorites,  or reading news, and then, done. Two minutes, tops. Again, it's what you make of it. Some people put a lot of time and effort into their Twitter feed, and that pays off. You can definitely tell and it doesn't hurt your stats if you put more time into your feed. Either way is good by me.


Ride the Wave

It's a bit of a learning curve.  In fact, someone should write a post about starting out on Twitter if you are clueless... and I'm sure they have, I just don't know where the best one is. Mashable has a collection of helpful how-to videos from Youtube. Twitter can feel like a black hole, or a pain- again, if you're following those immature weirdos #jk- but it can also feel like a fun ride.  How do you stay balanced?  First, make sure you have a routine. Get on there for a few minutes on the weekdays, and maybe a little bit longer on the weekends. Use Pocket or another app to save articles from Twitter for later. And again, follow people you really, truly like following.


Find a Less Personal Medium

Twitter is less personal than FB and instagram. I like that. You don't feel like you're taking a stroll down the runway ... or taking your kids along with you, for that matter. You're not the paparazzi on the hunt for nice looking Easter outfits. You're in a business casual mindset, and it feels nice. I follow a lot of publications and other online organizations, such as NPR, Loyola Press, and NaNoWriMo.  I like being in the know, and it's a lot faster than listening to the news on TV.


Be More Professional

Don't get sucked in and miss your life... that's my one rule for Twitter, and really, all social media for that matter. I spend some time in the morning, and then I'm pretty much done for the day, unless I do  a quick check-in via my iPhone.  No dawdlin'. It is less addictive than Insta, and Twitter definitely feels more professional to me than some of the other SM channels, but then again.... it's all in how you use them. Again, if you put more time into your feed, I'm not judgin' you, because I know it pays off!

and now, shameless self-promotion time.
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So now... Go forth and do Twitter! It's fun.. I promise!

Adding my link to Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum today.


Christie R said...

Ouch! You hit me right where it hurts! (I kid, I kid!) But I seriously cannot get into Twitter. I guess it would help if my account hadn't locked me out, what's up with that? You make good arguments, though! :)

Tacy said...

What IS up with that?! Too bad, too bad. Something must be done to remedy that.

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