Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Healthy Snacks That Could Also Be Lunch

Is it ironic that I'm posting this while starving? Half of the time, it seems like I'm making myself a peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese to eat alongside my four kiddos at lunchtime.  However, this Spring, I'm making a vow to be more creative in the kitchen .... or on the porch, or having a picnic somewhere beautiful, outside. I want to branch out, and try some new things for lunch.  Pinterest has become my best friend in finding some great low value options! These healthy snacks would make a wonderful picnic lunch, if served together or multiples, in combination! Serve it up with some kombucha, sparking grape juice, or if you're having a romantic picnic with the hubs, white wine.... and your Spring or Summer picnic is done!

~salami with breadsticks and provolone cheese~
from Target
I tried this snack recently, and although a little pricey (like buying yourself an adult lunchable) it was delicious and totally worth the splurge!

~chicken salad with ritz crackers~
recipe from Simple Nourished Living
A lot of delis carry really yummy chicken salad, but making it fresh would be even better. On crackers, this is a hit, and a delicious substitute for PB&J's!

~turkey on parmesan cheddar crackers~
recipe from Jane's Sweets
Have you ever made your own cheese crackers? I have! It is really fun and easy. This recipe is definitely one that I want to try.

~apples and chocolate with baguette~
photo from Bake at 350
Yum.... one of my all-time favorite snacks or picnic foods. Sometimes a little chocolate- or even nutella- can really turn your day, or at least your picnic, right around! And did you know that chocolate is good for you? According to Women's Health, snacking on dark chocolate (proven to be more satisfying than milk chocolate) can reduce your cravings for sweet, salty, or fatty foods. Chocolate has also been proven to reduce stress. I mean we knew that, right?

~mixed greens salad with pears, bleu cheese (or gorgonzola), and candied pecans or walnuts~
photo from the galley gourmet
This was one of my favorite salads to order from an Irish restaurant and pub we used to visit when Stephen and I were newlyweds. It never disappoints. I plan to eat a lot this salad this Spring/Summer!


~homemade chocolate hazelnut larabars~
recipe from naturally ella
I've never actually made my own larabars, but a few years back, a friend made these and brought them to a playdate picnic. They were so. good. (!!!!)Visit Pinterest for more homemade larabar recipe ideas and plenty of other yummy snack ideas. Enjoy! :)

What are you eating this week?
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Emily said...

Thank you for the recs! I always need some help with healthy snacking!

Tacy said...

You're welcome! I hope this gets you on the right foot!