Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 14~ Lately, A Little Announcement, and My Favorite O'Connor Story

This week was so very normal.  Almost nothing interesting to say, except that Molly missed Girls Scouts for the fourth week in a row, because of weather. So sad. :-( The kittens are still bringing a lot of life and love to our house (the kids crack up when Yo-Yo bounds up the stairs so fast, he slides across whichever step he lands on), and I'm 15 weeks as of tomorrow, so that makes kittens who spill your water four times in a row kind of unbearable, but I'm working with it.

~this was actually a snow day at Molly's school, but I didn't get the memo until oh, 5 minutes before we all got in the van, Molly dressed in her uniform, et al. Et al the shoes. ~

I've just been thinking lately...a little randomly, I grant, that since we've been married, we've lived in five different places.  A little green house at the foot of a mountain, a little rock cottage outside my parents' house, a beautiful apartment in a tiny town outside of D.C., a cute house in the suburbs of D.C., and now a house downtown in a decent sized Southern city.

Because of our mortgage situation, I feel like we're finally putting down roots, which is just something fun to think about. Will our priest be the one to officiate our kids' weddings? Well, that'll be a looooong way down the road I hope. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But if you think about it, being rooted is so, so important. My parents had many friends come attend our wedding when Stephen and I got married, and they still have many close friends because of a tight knit community where they live.

Part of me really wants that, although I know I don't have complete control over us staying here forever. I'm just thinking.  If we ever do decide to uproot, it will be really painful for me, I think. I've grown to love the people here, and I feel like we're getting our feet very wet at the church we're attending.  Friends are no longer just cute acquaintances. They're friends. Who matter. Deeply.... of course.
oh, the irony

And Stephen has a stable job, with some awesome people whom he can call friends.  I'm living the dream as a stay-at-home Mom, who does the occasional writing-on-the-side for RH. And speaking of writing, I'm eager to be telling you today that I have a little announcement. Dun dun dun....        

I'm writing a book!

Yep, yep yep, I'm writing a book!  It's actually an e-book, and it will be published through the good people at RH.

No, it's not about marriage.
No, it's not about parenting...although I'd like to think that I'm the bomb-diggity. Heh. I will say that Stephen and I have been incredibly blessed with these children that we don't deserve.
No, it's not a novel. And it has nothing to do with NaNoWriMo! :-)

And no, it's not about skinny jeans. (insert embarrassed emoji face here)

It's about.... actually, I'm going to keep it a secret!  But now you have a couple of hints to get you on the right track.

Get excited. And also? If anyone would be interested in getting on my "team," I'm looking for some sweet people who would be interested in pre-reading a rough draft version of it as a favor for me.  (I'm looking at you, friends who I just emailed!) Anyone who has followed my blog in the past or who would be curious to be of help to me in these early stages, shoot me an email (info on my About page).

Wish me luck and offer me many a prayer as I venture down this book-writing path!

Book Update

I read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter this week. It's about Hollywood, and Italy, and filmmaking in the 60's, among other things. It fulfilled the most beautiful cover from the MMD challenge.  Did I like it? I did. I really did. I liked it. The language made me wince, and I contemplated not recommending it because of the R-rating I'd assign it, for language and adult content.

My biggest complaint or frustration would be around the middle, it seemed like the author was suddenly high on a quadruple shot of espresso, and the caffeine was making him excessively wordy in his description of a UK music tour, did I mention, chock full of promiscuity. But even despite wondering if that was really necessary, I have to be honest: the storytelling is fabulous, and the over all really high quality, first class prose. It's one of the most well-constructed books I've read in a long time. And it's kinda.... not juicy... but more romantic and much, much less dry than the books I read in February. So all in all, I'd say read it with your guard up, and you'll probably enjoy it.

I've already dug into Catherine of Siena, by Sigrid Undset, (author of Kristin Lavransdatter) and it is even better than I remembered it. I'm enjoying rereading it so much. Although parts of it can be hard for me to read, due to being an HSP, and her courage in the face of so many struggles, it is also a source of so much peace. Her life is a good reflection to read during Lent, for sure. Her sacrifices inspire me. I mean, let's face it, giving up all food for much of your life except the Eucharist is a little different from giving up chocolate or my cup of afternoon coffee. Worth a read! And that's an understatement. Check it out. Beautiful writing, and a beautiful saint.

If you've never read Flannery O'Connor, I have just been blown over by Good Country People this time around.  It's not like her other stories. You know the ones where you get really worried about the ending halfway through, so you read the first part before bed, and the rest of it the next morning? Yeah, it eases up on the anxiety level that way. It's not like those; but it's still delightfully disturbing.

Funny Things They Say

Madeleine: (mumbling to herself while going potty, I come to check on her).  I'm just talking to invisible Hans (from Frozen).

Frances: (to Madeleine) Have you ever had Cham-pay? It's like Shampoo, but it's Cham-pay. And it's a drink.
Madeleine: No.
Me: How do you know about that? And what does Cham-pay taste like?
Frances: It's from the song, 'If you are into Cham-pay...' (the Jack Johnson song)...and I don't know, I've never tried it.

Madeleine: Don't step in the poodles!
Me: Poodles?
Madeleine: Oops, I meant puddles..... that's hilarious.

Madeleine (playing with Frances in the yard, comes over to Stephen): Daddy, can I use your phone?
Stephen: ....
Madeleine: (very seriously, holding down the button) Siri, how do you find a snail?

Me: And this is where Daddy and I lived when we were first married... before we had any kids.
Frances: (Puts her hands over her mouth, stifling hysterical laughter) That's just... so weird.

Molly: I know why God made twins, Daddy. It's because he couldn't think of how to make them look different.
{And oh, how I wish you could hear my girls sing all the words of for the first time in forever...!!!)

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Rhonda said...


Ashley B said...

So funny to hear that you're thinking about putting down roots, but that has been me lately too! We have lived in four different places in our almost 10 years of marriage and we love our current city in Northern VA. Now we're just wondering if/when we should make the move to a house with more land...our forever house, you know? Exciting to think about a place where my kids will grow and then come back to see us when they're adults.

Also, congrats on the book!

Kathryn Whitaker said...

A book! Congrats! And on the putting roots down just have to bloom where you're planted. That was great advice from a priest of ours and we have cherished it. No matter where you go, God places great people along the path. Enjoy the adventure!

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Congrats on writing a book! That's awesome! All the best!

Tacy said...

Heart back, Rhonda. Thanks for the encouragement -- and for all that you do and have done!

Ashley- I've been loving your blog lately. And thanks for that word of encouragement!

Thanks, Kathryn!

Laura- thanks for much for linking up!!