Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 13~ Feeling Blessed, More Snow, and Tea That Tastes Like the Yard

We got a light dusting of snow on Tuesday, and Molly was sick. So despite the two hour delay, she was home for the day. Ugh, I don't like seeing her like that. The snow melted by the afternoon.

I've been thinking a lot about how we are just really blessed. I thought about that song "America" by Simon and Garfunkel, and for the first time in a long time, the words didn't resonate with me...
"Kathy, I'm lost," I said, though I knew she was sleeping. "I'm empty and aching and I don't know why..."

Actually, I think I heard the world's most depressing cover at Starbucks a few months back (Thank you First Aid Kit). Never listen to that song when a) you might be pregnant b) you don't know you're pregnant yet and you start crying into your latte for seemingly no reason at all.
But last week I was in an emotional funk.  I mean, it was bad.*See below in Book Update* But I've also been feeling really blessed. And that just feels really good.  We have been so blessed by Stephen's job, and some of our debts are now currently being paid off.  We would be able to completely pay off student debt this year, which just blows my mind, and now it will probably be the end of the year, simply because we've been putting a lot down on our mortgage to lower the interest. And I know all of that is because God is providing a lot for us. I'm not for a minute ungrateful.

I have some early birthday money to spend, so I walked around Anthropologie the other day, and tried this honeysuckle lotion, which smells amazing. I didn't buy anything, because I realized their style isn't really mine anymore. It's all of a sudden feeling very "newlywed," to me, either that or trying too hard, I don't know. Which makes me feel like I don't know my style anymore.


But, speaking of blessings, we finally got a good amount of snow!  Like 4 or 5 inches a lot.
Frances: "I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!"
You can see the flakes still falling in this picture!
Even though it was 7PM, and the snow was still falling, we all had to go out and play in our front yard! So much fun!

The next day there was still plenty of snow for playing before we retired to our cups of hot chocolate. Frances is really into snowballs!

Speaking of Frances, she really, really loves learning, and in fact Molly, my Mom, and others in her life have been feeding that fire of excitement, and she is sounding out words already and doing math facts with Molly! They "play school" all the time... Molly gets out the white board and just treats her like a peer, and Frances is picking up all the things she teaches her in pretend school.
Finally.... a deep snowfall for TN. :-)

The other day I overheard them saying
Frances: Why does dragon start with d? It sounds like it starts with a j."
Molly: It's because it's dr- DRU-AGON.. When you say it fast, it DOES kinda sound like J-ragon. You're right! J-ragon, DRUH-agon.
Frances: Daddy? Does your name have an f in it? Ste-fen.
So cute.
Look at that chair.... like I said, probably around 5 inches! That's a lot for us!

Frances will be able to go to Pre-School at Molly's school in the Fall - she has one of those turning-5-in-October birthdays. So that feels good, too. She knows what's coming, and it will be so good for her. I'm sure she will love school! To be able to finance a good education for our kids is a dream-come-true for me.The other thing I LOVE about Molly's school is the modified Montessori that they do with the kids. And the teachers. Oh man, the teachers are so.great. Her kindergarten teachers blew me away with what they brought out in her over the course of a year.

Other funny things said...
Me: Barnes and Noble has this really good tea... it's cranberry orange rooibos.
Stephen: It sounds too fruity for me.
Me: I think it's called African Autumn. It's really good...
Me: I know you really like green tea, so ...
Stephen: I only like tea if it tastes like the yard.

Frances: The snow is falling, but it isn't spreading. (We don't have much snow terminology here....I knew what she meant, it wasn't really sticking yet.... but it sure was fun to watch it fall from my chair by the window.)

Madeleine: (in the middle of Mass) Dat boy dis said 'frozen.'
(our priest was giving a synopsis of the movie Frozen in his homily)
Madeleine : (in the middle of Paddington, really loudly pronouncing) Dat was too loud. (Later...very loudly... ) Dat was too dark.

Book Update

I finished up Middlemarch, Still:Thoughts on a Mid-Faith Crisis, by Lauren Winner (subtitled: divorced, partied, now I'm really, really depressed: how when you booze you lose... and other thoughts to put you into an emotional funk and/or depressed state), and the Lewis Carroll biography. Woohoo! ;-)  Still plugging away on Flannery's Complete Stories (subtitled: the undue harshness of prejudiced bullies), but getting excited about my March reads.

How is it already March?! I ordered Team of Rivals and Catherine of Siena (which I gave away a few years back!). And, I already own The Kalahari Typing School for Men, which I can't wait to read! I found a great deal on Beautiful Ruins, so that's in my Kindle too.
All in all, because of the weather, Molly missed four days of school this past week! We had a lot of time for art projects.

All Molly wanted to eat was chicken noodle soup while she was sick. However, while I served it to her, I was sorta not into that idea, so I made this SIMPLE soup that I highly recommend.... Turkey, Bean, and Carrot soup. I feel like it's one of those soups you make when you a) can't eat another bite of chili because you're tired of it or b) are kinda craving chili, but just want a unique alternative. It goes really well with homemade buttermilk biscuits. And if you're into Paddington Bear, those go really well with marmalade.

Remember the riddle from last week? Well, here's...

Did you miss my posts from this past week?

(that last one is now edited to make the document accessible, apparently it was private when I first published the post! Sorry!)
Also, our cats are named Sneaky and Yo-Yo-- the kids named them! (their other names are Prince Caspian and Yo-Yo-Ma, but we let the kids pick what we'd actually call them!;)

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Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

The photo of your cats is too funny! How perfectly posed.

How fun that your priest referred to 'Frozen' in his homily! Way to meet people where they're at... I mean, I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love that movie! ;)

Also, I have a post that I'd love to link up but it looks like your is closed and last week's are still up...

Tacy said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for the comment!

I'm sorry about the link-up. I tried fixing it but for some reason, I was able to add the new link-up, but I could not delete last week's link up. :/

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Oh, no problem... Just wasn't sure if you were aware. I'm the worst when it comes to technical difficulties! :/ Have a great week!