Friday, March 6, 2015

SQT ~ Etsy Shops I Love:-)

Looking for a really good Etsy shop is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  My birthday is coming up, so I was inspired to find some of the best Etsy shops there are.  It took me forever, but here's what I found! :-) I hope you give them a look-see! (And I know it sounds a little over-the-top to say I'm in love with them, but I sorta am). I think the style of the shops is a little like me, maybe-- they're down-to-earth, and fun. ... FUN!

(1) Amy L shop- the cutest wallets! I'm THIS Close to picking between the one pictured and this one as a bday present for myself. I need a Spring-y wallet!

(2) Gooza- the cutest purses and backpacks! This blue one is so pretty!

(3) Lila Belle design- gorgeous jewelry! This one reminds me of the necklaces my bridesmaids wore in my wedding. I absolutely love the vintage-look of a lot of her stuff.

(4) Ms Amanda Jayne- crocheted animal coffee cozies and garlands- adorable! I love her cupcake garland and lemon/lime garlands as well. If I crocheted, I would make an easter garland.

(5) Fearn Abbey Needlework (ships from Scotland)- beautiful, unique cross-stitch, including adorable saints! See also: St. Patrick.

BONUS: (Even though this would be for my kids, not for me)

(6) House Mountain Natural- beautiful handcrafted -and oftentimes handpainted- wooden toys- so cute!

(7) Fairy Fox- felted food and other toys made from felt (ships from China). Ahhhhh! Oh my gosh! Pancakes? Vegetables? The cuteness!!! I die.

Fun! So much cuteness! ;)

Adding my link to Kelly and the gang.


Laura said...

Great stuff! I'm kind of just discovering etsy. Love it.

Stacey at Fearn Abbey Needleworks said...

Thank you for stopping by my Etsy shop and giving me a plug! I have enjoyed browsing your lovely blog. Blessings!

Cristina T said...

Oooh, I think I need that purse! I love Allison Kinyon's Rosary Shop
and stalk it all the time.

Tacy said...

You are so welcome, Stacey!

Amanda Patten said...

Love it! Especially the wooden and felt toys! Too cute!

Tacy said...

Thanks, Amanda! You know what? I miss YOUR etsy shop! I was poking around looking for it when I wrote this post! Looks like you're taking a hiatus?