Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ A Tea Party Birthday Party + St. Patrick's Day


Spring has sprung!

Pretty days means more time at the playground. And that means days that go by swiftly.
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with flowers from our garden, two new books, and the St. Patrick Shining light doll.


The girls have been diligently adding to our Easter art door. We are surrounding our Lenten map with pretty art. 

Frances' painting looks like the empty tomb!
Madeleine has become amazing at watercoloring with salt!

My sweet friend brought her girls to meet us at the English Rose for tea in celebration of me turning 32. It was going to be a tea for just the girls, but at the last minute everyone came, not excluding all the boys and husbands and my Dad! It was a huge party, but it was really fun. Fun!

We really did have a fabulous time! The food there is always so, so good. 

The kids found this brick choo choo nearby and were obsessed with playing on it!

We have a big parking lot near our house, and a tractor trailer has been there so long, it is sinking into the pavement, literally. You know you're an urban dweller when your kids play in dirty parking lots, under semi trucks. ;0) By the way, there's not an actual truck, just the trailer part. :-)

The girls looking at a beetle. Little did I know the iPhone would make the picture.

He was huge!


Today I have an article up at Real Housekeeping. I hope you check it out! Oh and you know how at the end of the article, I mention an Easter card that I made? Here you go.

And bonus! Here is an Easter mix, to get you excited about all things Easter, Spring, bunnies, eggs, and old hymns to live by, oh my! I've been listening to it for several weeks! I also included my Easter mix from last year!

Go see Like Mother, Like Daughter for more -pretty, happy, funny, real!


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Those flowers look so bright and cheerful!

What a fun birthday celebration! We used to have a similar British Tea Room nearby but unfortunately it closed when I was a teenager. My mom, sisters and I used to go there for all our birthdays etc. Such a fun excuse to get dressed up and have an elegant meal.

Happy Birthday!

priest's wife said...

Those flowers are so pretty- there is really nothing like Spring flowers!

Tacy said...

Thanks, Laura! Oh, you'll have to travel somewhere with a wonderful authentic British tea room!

Thank you priest's wife! ;)