Friday, March 20, 2015

7QT~ 7 Quick Reads

Just a cute picture. ;-)

Good morning! Links it is, for today!  Once I started looking, I had a lot of links for you today, so I'm sorta hacking the 7 quick takes system and dividing them up by categories. I hope you don't mind! Enjoy reading some good links with your morning cup of coffee.



Men and Women Speak Two Different Languages @ Verily

So true. Women are so often concerned with different things... fashion, nail polish, celebrities... how could we not speak a different language from men?

Pope Francis' 7 Tips for Being a Good Father @ Aleteia

So good, and so true. Take it from the horse's mouth.


natural health

Unnatural Healing @ Becoming Peculiar

I resonate with her thoughts so deeply, and I think she expresses the conundrum in our modern society about as eloquently as could possibly be.



Lenten Lessons @

I had some similar reflections of my own last week (which was cross-posted at ACWB). Colleen just says it well here, as she usually does!



How to Save Time While Shopping @ Life as Mom

I love her advice to "take an ordered list." How many times have I had to "circle back" to the produce aisle because of a disorganized list?



Technology in Our Homeschool @ Life Your Way

It's a delicate balance, but this blogger seems to get it.

7 Ways to Deal With Internet Trolls @ Filling My Prayer Closet

If you read one link in my list, read this!

What I've Learned in Almost 8 Years of Blogging @ Entrefamily

Such a great site to recommend, and this one post is full of so much wisdom!



Where Are All the Homeschooled Highschoolers? at Fimby (Fun in my backyard)

That's a good question, and I don't know. I followed these bloggers as they hiked the AT; a lot of wisdom and a fun blog, all told. This is a good place to start, I think.



Audrey Assad's Amazing Talk for Women @ The Porn Effect

After listening to this, I couldn't not share it. It is so important for our time, and her vulnerability will help and give hope to countless people. Make time to listen sometime soon!


Funniest Stock Photos Ever

My favorite is the angry man. BAhaha.

Echoes of the Divine by Melanie Jean Juneau (writer for Catholic Mom and ACWB, among many others) - this is actually an ebook that I just recently downloaded. I really enjoyed it. She gives little snippets from mothering nine children, with touches of profundity and even some commentary on the "fountain of youth," and how to find it. Highly recommended!

Go see Kelly for more quick takes!


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three cheers! so excited about the book that is forthcoming. :-)

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