Friday, March 27, 2015

7 QT~ Last-Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Do you need some original ideas for your Easter baskets, other than candy?  Here's a fun list, based on what we've done in years past, and just a couple of ideas friends threw at me on Facebook. So fun!  I try to keep things simple, read: I try not to go overboard. I have three girls, and one boy, so obviously this will be a little on the girly side!;) But several of these would work for boys, too. I will probably try to spread the love among my kids, while trying to make each basket a fair deal for each child. Age- appropriate, quality, and original were all things I took into consideration while making this list of ideas!


Hairbows and/or Hair-clips
A friend of mine with 4 girls and 1 boy (like me! Almost...) made this suggestion over on a Facebook thread.  I immediately took to the idea, as I am always losing bows and I am always in need of something that will match on my girls and look cute in the photos! ;)  I also like hair-clips, such as these daisies from target.

Shining Light Dolls
I love these pretty vinyl dolls. They're sturdy and hold up in little kid hands, they come with an educational little "card," so your child can learn more, and the options are really beautiful. Not all are available for sale. Check Amazon for more details.
to buy, (Our Lady of Lourdes, pictured) on Amazon


My kids love playdoh, and I think this little chick would look cute in an Easter basket. They also have eggs filled with playdoh- fun!
to buy


I have loved this book Home For a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown for forever. I'm partial to it. I have memories of reading it with my paternal Grandma and my parents when I was little.  There are so many sweet, Spring books and Easter books on the market. I'm picky, though.  We also like The Easter Egg by Jan Brett, and The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher.  The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry looks good, although we don't own it. I think we may have checked it out from the library.


Purses and/or Money

The Dollar Store also has some pretty, inexpensive purses. This is a great way to carry their dollars to Mass, as they can use their dollar to light a candle in church. Tuck a dollar or some change into their Easter basket for a fun surprise!
to purchase on Amazon


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Easter bonnets and kid gloves are a little old-fashioned. Why not adorn our sweet girls with a pretty necklace instead? They can wear their necklace to church, or out on the town, again and again. Better than a piece of chocolate, in my opinion!
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My First (Communion) Rosary
This just looks so sweet. I love the pastel, so appropriate for Easter season. And it would make a nice addition to their collection in years to come.
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And of course... Candy and Toothbrushes! (If you like Pez candy and dispensers, I know that they carry them at Aldi).  The fun thing about these ideas? Having something they can hold in their hands- something physical- helps them to celebrate the Easter season and remember it in a more tangible and memorable way. I hope this list helps you think of some ideas- even last minute ones!

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