Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 12~ Snow Days, Lent Decor, and a Riddle

Molly had a snow day, and she actually was off Monday thru Wednesday because of President’s Day, icy road conditions, and finally a little dusting of snow on Wednesday. The snow came back just as she was getting out of school on Friday, and really started to stick around 7:30 Friday night.

Snow day in Tennessee, folks. This is how much it takes to get out of school here! :-) #snowissnowyo

Molly was begging me to take her with me for the Ash Wednesday service. Stephen had already attended the service at our parish at noon.  We went to the 5 o’clock, which was followed by a soup dinner provided by the Living the Eucharist ministry at our church.  A little boy from our parish, who is a friend of ours', sat down beside me.  He started saying, “Man… my Mom didn’t let me have ANY fun today, because she was really serious about Ash Wednesday.”  I said, “Oh, really? What did you give up?” “My favorite video game…” he responded. Molly piped up, “Well, I have to give up TV for Lent!” And our friend Sean looked at her and goes, “BOY… that is a REALLY hard one!”

I took Madeleine to run errands with me on Thursday, while our babysitter watched the other two.  She picked out this Frozen Play-doh kit, so I caved since we have a lot of down time sans screen these days.

We listened to the Frozen soundtrack while they played and played with it. When the CD was over, they continued singing it for another 30 minutes or more… before I finally made Madeleine take her nap. She fell asleep right away, without any kind of entertainment, which is always nice.  She occasionally likes playing iPad games, particularly when she’s having quiet rest time. I think all of those errands with Mommy wore her out for sure!

Stephen took the girls to the theatre to see a movie! They went on President's Day and had a ton of fun. (It was Paddington Bear and apparently it's really good!)

And I took this guy to the playground to SWING!This was a hat for him from Zulily last summer.  :-)

My kitchen table centerpiece for Lent...I've never owned a diffuser, so I was excited to find a purple liquid- lavender sage- to match the kitchen table centerpiece for Lent (I know it kinda looks pink in the picture, though!)
Incense holder and our beans-for-sacrifices jar

For the other Lenten decor, I purchased a yard of purple fabric, the centerpiece tray, purple candles, the very small frame, silver letter stickers, burlap, and brown scrapbooking paper. I cut the paper to fit the frame, and added the word "repent" using the stickers.

 I also purchased the succulent.

While I decorated for Lent, the girls helped decorate the house with watercolor paintings on Friday afternoon. They are doing really well without tv.  Whenever they're are complaining about the tv thing, we made a list of the things we are going to do instead:

- go to playground at least once per week
-have a picnic
-have a tea party
-do playdoh and/or watercolor painting
-run errands
- visit Mom
- read books
- listen to ebooks/audio books (Spotify has some Bedtime Stories playlists: see "Time for Bed:20 Kids' Stories")
- listen to music (Lent at Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary is a good one, also on Spotify)
- Lenten crafts of many kinds :-)
- toys and coloring books and stickers galore
Molly made a bunch of signs to remind her. :-)

The kiddos went to play at Grandma’s near the end of the week.  This picture my Mom took just makes me laugh. :0)

Reading update: I finally finished The Secret Life of Bees, I’m half way through the Lewis Carroll biography by Morton Cohen, and I’m seriously close to finishing Middlemarch (see that bookmark?).  I've made it my goal to reach the finish line before March. I’m still reading about 1-2 Flannery stories per day until the end of February… or until I’m finished with her Complete Works. So. good. I also bought a Lauren Winner book that I’m really excited about reading. I'm trying not to read Alice in Wonderland et al while I read the LC biography, but that is next to impossible.
whoooo are you? future Oxford scholar

I claimed that I would probably never finish Gilmore Girls, but on Fat Tuesday, I had about a half of one of Stephen's Nooners (at night) and watched the rest of season 7. I think I only skipped about 6 or 7 episodes in the entire Series, seasons 1-7. Whoa. All in the past 4 months.  My kids were starting to get sick of “Where you go… I will follow…anywhere…. that you tell me to.” ;) And SPOILER: (only read the following sentence if you’ve a) finished the entire series or b) never plan to.)  I was shocked at the fact that no one got together and everyone just ended up living for work. {?!} When Logan proposed I was all, this is gonna be so awesome. But no. And I was happy for Lorelai and Christopher when they did get together. But no.  But I still cried so many times. When Lorelai’s father had a heart attack?! And when Lorelai did Karoake and sang “I Will Always Love You” and Luke walked in? TEARS from this pregnant lady right here!!!!

And man…. Lewis Carroll. This has been a great read.  What an amazing specimen of Victorian England and the Oxford don tour de force. I would like to write a post about his biography, although I  just don’t think I could handle a research paper, so, we’ll see. The book is over 500 pages, gee. I just remembered that I don’t really like writing research papers just for fun. Maybe it's 11.5 weeks pregnant talking? Ahem. I don’t know… what do think about book reports or research book posts?  Maybe it is better to stick to a post like a Goodreads or Amazon review?  Just know that I will always tell you if I’m going to give any spoilers. :-)

a Lewis Carroll riddle*

Me: All you have to do to write and publish a book, is to make friends with a famous person… like Lewis Carroll befriending George MacDonald. Macdonald encouraged Carroll to publish Alice in Wonderland, and then later, Through the Looking Glass. It reminded him of his own fairy tale Phantastes.
Stephen: Yeah, and go to one of the best universities and get one of the best educations in the world.
Me: They really had a mutual understanding and passionate agreement about such things like God, love, fairy tales, and innocence.
Stephen: And Oxford.**

We also had a long conversation about the new algorithm for things like Pinterest and Facebook. . Apparently, according to him (a techie alltheway), new social media sites like these are cropping up and changing all the time. At first, I was annoyed by Pinterest’s new algorithm, until I figured out the “News” feed thing.  It is at the upper right hand when you're on the site on a real computer -but easier to find on the Pinterest app on my iPhone. I didn’t know why it would start suggesting things for me, when I really was looking for my friends’ pins and suggestions. But, when I figured out that all of that was under News Feed, I wasn’t so frustrated.

However, the thing I’m most frustrated with is the relatively new FB modus operandi. I would assume that the news feed would simply show things according to a timeline…. but NO, it has to be according to how many likes or comments a post has. Thus, a really old post with a bunch of comments will trump a recent post. This way, when I hit refresh, my most recent post appears buried under a miscellany of boring announcements and/or funny memes, and things that get lots of comments. He agreed that it’s really frustrating to see old FB threads bumping up to the top … although he doesn’t go on FB very often.;)

Isn’t there a way- like Pinterest- to show both the popular posts as well as the most recent things your friends have said? I know from recent conversation that there is a way to turn off the Pinterest thing, by hovering over the "picked for you" and clicking the x to hide all pins inspired by a certain board.... so we'll see if that will work to change all of my settings to improve the experience.

In other news, I'm trying my hardest to talk him into taking the Myers Briggs test, since he has NEVER taken it, you guys. I actually took a 5 minute online test FOR him and got ENTJ but that's just me. So, it doesn't count. But it would make sense, knowing him, (For the record, I'm INFP, like two other bloggers that I know of).

SO. We’ll see how that goes. I’m really excited about the plans we have coming up for our Easter holiday and vacation.

* Yes... the riddle DOES have an answer.. And yes, it has something to do with puns. If it's driving you crazy, I can tell you the answer in the comments.... and if it's not, then next week. :-)
**Upon further research, George MacDonald was Scottish, and was educated at the University of Aberdeen. Sorry.

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Chris said...

What a full, fun post! Great pictures as well! I so enjoyed clicking over ( from CWBN!)
You've a lovely blog and your daughter is adorable!!

Your lenten decor is so awesome...simple and meaningful!

Thanks for sharing!!'

The Starving Inspired said...

Love your centerpiece! And the rosary holder - we have something similar for our collection, too. :) Happy Lent!

The Starving Inspired

Chris said...

Me again ( ! ) I linked up and so appreciative. ( My daybook/weekly journal is from last week, hope that's ok)

Love these pics in your post1 oh my gosh everything I see them! Love them! So darn cute.
God bless...."See" you online!


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Oh, Gilmore Girls. I own all the seasons and watch them over and over but I hate season 7 and usually just avoid it altogether for all the reasons you mentioned! I know I'm a little too attached to the characters but it really upsets me when Luke and Lorelai break up and every time I watch it I hope it will end differently! :)

How sweet that your daughter wanted to go to Mass on Ash Wednesday. That's a great idea to have a list of activities ready for when they want to watch t.v. And how cute are those signs?

Cristina said...

I went on a Gilmore Girls bender when it came out on Netflix too since I had never seen it before. I was so mad at the end! When Logan proposed and she said no to focus on living her life and her career on a bus I just facepalmed. So disappointing. Also disappointing is Pinterest! I think I've got all the "picked for you" pinterest pins off my feed now using the same method you mentioned although it was super annoying. I even wrote pinterest a scathing email which ended with something very clever like, "thanks but I think I'll pick my own pins if it's all the same to you." I'm sure they'll be reexamining their business plan any time now :)

Tacy said...

Thanks, Chris! I'm honored that you linked up!

Iris, thank you for the encouragement, and happy Lent to you too!

Tacy said...

Laura, I'm glad we're on the same page about GG. And I'm glad that I can now say I've watched all of it. :-)

Haha Cristina! I'm face palming along with you!