Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 10 ~ Mr. Popper's Penguins, Found Kittens, and Cute Headbands

Where have we been the past two weeks?  Running around. All of the kids got haircuts; only two of them got colds. Anders has been shooting some hoops… indoors, please ma’am.  Attending birthday parties. Kissing cousins. You know. The whole shebang.

Molly has been geeking out on books from First Grade. She has read some really great books this year. They’ve moved on from First Grade reading list- Pippi Longstocking, The Adventures of Edward Tulane, Stuart Little, Junie B. Jones- and they’re reading a book I didn’t read till Fourth Grade - The Indian in the Cupboard. What will she be reading in Fourth Grade, I wonder? She’s asking us about scalpings… (I think that’s why we read that book in fourth grade, and A Light in the Forest wasn’t until fifth grade! That was a good book, by the way.... but again it includes scalpings, murder, and war…. and I read it with my Mom!;)

Our really big news is that we found our lost kitten. (!!!) Someone from City Hall found the now a bit bigger kitten several blocks from our house. Stephen took the kids on Saturday to pick her up at the Rescue Shelter, where they have been feeding her and had her neutered.  The kids were so ecstatic when Stephen saw the picture online and went to compare our pictures with her in person. Identical. We can't believe there was a reunion in the cards, but the girls have been praying consistently every night that we would find her. It's kind of crazy/insanity having two kittens, I'll be honest.  Has anyone else heard it can be unsafe to handle kitty litter as a pregnant woman? I'll admit it does make me really nauseous.
(picture by Molly :)

Our girls are loving The Boxcar Children movie on Netflix. I have read the books (according to my Mom, although I hardly remember?), but I'm not recollecting if this is covering the entire series in one movie or not?  Anyhow, would anyone be interested in hearing some movie recommendation from you. I’m thinking about starting a Screenings page- Movies Worth Your Time on Pinterest, for the express purpose of adding movies that I feel comfortable recommending.  I hesitate, because as always, you have to weigh the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it can be a tricky thing to throw out a recommendation, to be approved by all audiences.  I have some strange tastes, I’ll go ahead and throw that one at ya. But if so, let me know in the comments. I would be excited to take recommendations from you all!

I also want to say a few kind words about our babysitter - the one who has been with us over a year, coming twice a week.  She told me on Thursday of last week that she is moving back to her home city, Nashville this summer for a new job. She’s really happy. Her family is there, she has more connections there. She’s going somewhere she’s known and loved. After she left, I started.... sobbing.  We are not parting ways on unequal terms: We all feel really sad that she has to go.  She was terribly sad to not be here for the birth of our next baby, and she gave me a hug, saying that she is going to miss us, and knowing how wonderful that gift to our family will be.  She has been… how do I even say this? A part of our family. Stephen concurs. A wonderful part of our family.  She will be SO MISSED. That sweet girl brought out the good… no, the amazing in our kids.  I am going to cry again just thinking about it! I will just give a shoutout to God (cheesy, sorry)— Thank you God, for bringing her into our lives. WHAT A BLESSING she has been. Seriously… how do people say goodbye without crying when someone this kind comes into your life?

Annnnnyway….moving on, crazy pregnant lady. As I mentioned, we’re going to be giving up screen time for Lent. Ok, not all screens. I will not come down too hard on the iPad, but that IS NOT going to be our first stop when it comes to free time around here. I’m going with Listening to Music, More Crafts with Kids, and Reading Books for my “penance,” if you can call it that! :0)  Rather, This is What Shall Replace the Almighty Screen!

I really hope that with Lenten penance, health will be fully restored in these  parts and we can settle into a good new routine.

Funny Things They Say (Do)

Anders found a cube of frozen coffee in the open freezer, granted it was sweetened. He ate it, and liked it.(?!) He asked for more “crackers.” (?!)

Me: {Talking about Mr. Popper’s Penguins} What’s the difference between the movie and the book?
Molly: His kids don’t go to the South Pole with him at the end. They stay home. And his kids live with him. And I think my new favorite animal is going to be a penguin.
Me: I can’t see that happening, you’re really dedicated to horses.
Molly: And in the movie, he doesn’t travel around the world to get lots of money, and in the movie he’s not a painter. And in the book he’s off for the winter, and he’s off painting houses job for the winter, and ya know, they don’t really have any money, they have to eat peas for almost everything, so they don’t have any money, so they have to go around the world, and they have to train the penguins, and they have to perform at stages all around the world, to get some money.
Me: So it’s really different.
Molly: REALLY different. So do you get it?
Me: I think I get it. Does he come back home at the end?
Molly: No, he goes to the ship place, and he sails to the North Pole with one of his friends, and the penguins for two years.
Me: Ok, so then he comes back home?
Molly: Mmhm, and the kids have to go to school again, and the Mom has to do Mom-work.
Me: Wow. So what was your favorite book that you read at school this year?
Molly: That we’ve read so far? Pippi Longstocking.

Frances: Pretend my first name is Pippi Longstocking, and my middle name is Pippi, and my last name is Pipp. So my full name is Pippi Longstocking Pippi Pipp.  And my nickname is Pippi.
Madeleine: No, your nickname is POPPI.

Molly: Mommy, did you know that I can read sometimes?
Me: Yes, I know, you are a very good reader!
Molly: Yeah, I know. Sometimes is a really big word.

Kids are sooo literal! Especially Molly, I think.

In other news, guess who has almost completely potty-trained herself?!

Madeleine: Daddy, can you ask Anders to turn his volume down?

Madeleine: Mr. Sneaky might not like Aranea, because she will taste his stuff.

Changing the subject.... do you know how much I SWEAT each day as a mother worrying about waking up one of the napping kids? Well. A few days ago, I forgot that one of our kids had fallen asleep on the couch right before dinner. She is usually upstairs in her bath, so I busted out the vacuum cleaner, and vacuumed the living room and the library as usual. I looked up and gasped when I noticed her, sleeping there, through it all! She did not budge! So mamas, don’t worry so much about waking sleeping children. I have spent a lot of sweat about me, or them, waking up the sleeping baby (babies) over the past several years. Saturday I vacuumed the living room while Madeleine was taking her nap upstairs. And guess what? She slept through it.

What has been going on in your neck of the woods?


Chris said...

What a full and terrific post!!

Thank you for sharing and for hosting the linky! I'll be back to read the others' posts at some point this week!

Love the funny things they say section~
God bless

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Aw, it's so nice when you can find a babysitter that you really connect with! We have family nearby so haven't really had to go that route yet but, on the other end, I cried when one of the families that I babysat for years moved away! I still keep in touch with them almost a decade later!

I love the "sometimes" story. So literal and cute. :)

Tacy said...

Awe thanks for linking up ladies!