Thursday, February 12, 2015

~Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ Cross-stitch for the First Time


I found this cross-stitch kit at Tuesday Morning for a little bit of nothing.

I liked that it wasn't your typical flowery fare, but as I'm getting into it, I'm realizing the pattern is difficult. The first day was all... this is fun! this is terrible! this is fun! this is terrible.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete it, to be honest.... look at the pattern...

I've never done cross-stitch before, and the learning curve was sort of minimal, because I have done embroidery.  But don't worry, my brain was still hurting. I'm just a little worried, and on top of that, I lost the embroidery needle that came with the kit. Maybe this was a practice round. I get the stretching fabric thing, and threading needles, and working with my hands. But all of the extra little things, and the taping of the sides, and the separating of the thread, and the counting- diagonal across 2-- and all of the exactness... my hat's off to you cross-stitchers out there! I have to talk to myself out loud while I'm sewing.

But if you've never done it, hey, it's fun! You should try it!

Definitely a good skill to have in the long run.


My February reading is coming along, although I feel like I picked a whole lot of long books all at once.  Middlemarch is coming, I feel like I've made  a serious dent (about 3/4 of the way through).  I've also resolved to read at least one Flannery O'Connor story per day this month, which has been easier to do than I thought. Several of them are re-reads for me, so that helps!  However, this edition includes several stories that have never been published before, as well as several that are new to me.  You guys, they're all so good. So, so good.  I just want to shout off the mountain top, "THESE ARE NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED!! FLANNERY!! OMGoodness--- Go read them right now!"


Remember the "book your Mom loves" idea from the 2015 Reading Challenge from MMD?   Well, one of my February reads is a book my Mom loves-- The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I'm really enjoying it so far.  What's funny is, she heard a mutual friend of ours' discussing Kristin Lavransdatter, (It takes place in Norway.... that's really all it takes for my Mom!!!!! :)  and now she is reading a book that I love! At the same time I'm reading a book she loves.


As I mentioned on Monday in my WM post, our cats/kittens are sorta driving me crazy insane.  The final straws are that
~I can't change kitty litter because of Toxoplasmosis - risk to our unborn baby.
~They haven't learned from our "no's" not to get up on desks and tables yet. Aranea-- who we now know is a boy kitty, name change in process-- jumped up on my desk and chewed through my laptop cord. Stephen has a backup, but if something happens to our backup, that's a $50 replacement fee, at least!
~for the first day or two, they wrestled so aggressively that we had to separate them; they started screaming while wrestling, so each cat took turns being closed in. They finally - finally- figured out how to wrestle without screaming/biting each other on the third or fourth day, and now they can be together in peace, but that did not come easily-- e.g., not without those several days of consistent separation.

They are adorable and heartwarming and fun to cuddle, but you know. Insane.

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oh, and happy v-day!!! go see like mother, like daughter for more pictures of contentment and ~pretty, happy, funny, real~!


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Wow, I love your cross stitch!

I hear you with the cats though my situation is not nearly as bad. My husband works long hours so the kitty litter is not his #1 priority but, like you, I can't do it myself no matter how badly I want to just get it done! Other than that my kitty is pretty easy though.

Leila said...

Great post! Thanks for joining! I love "listening in" to your cross-stitch conflict :)

Tacy said...

Laura, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with kitties to think about.

Auntie Leila, thank you for commenting! I hope you will teach me all of your sewing ways!

Sarah Denley said...

Oh, I want to learn to cross stitch so bad. My mom knows how, so I'm hoping to get her to teach me this Summer. And the Flannery- how fun!

Tacy said...

Sarah Denley- you should definitely learn! It's so fun, and having someone you know show you how is an awesome idea. :-)