Friday, February 6, 2015

7 Things We're Doing Differently This Lent

Lent - it fast approacheth.  (Ash Wednesday is February 18th this year).  Here are seven things we're doing differently as a family this year.


No Netflix.
Yep, no Netflix. You read that right. (or Amazon Prime, or Hulu, or DVD's, you get the idea*).  We got this idea from our amazing priest, who mentioned in a sermon that he gives up Netflix every year for Lent! I think it will be so good for our kids, not to mention me!


No Social Media Apps on my Phone 
During Lent, I'm deleting the Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter Apps from my phone. I'm going unplugged as much as I can. I will still be blogging, but I want to rid myself of the temptation to get lost in social media on my phone throughout the day.


Less meat.
We're definitely doing no meat on Fridays, and many more vegetarian meals. As converts, we've been terrible at remembering the no-meat Fridays rule. (I know! It makes me sad). This year, to help us remember, we're going to make it a focus for all of Lent to enjoy the produce section a whole lot more than usual. We all love veggies, beans, and rice, so I think I'm actually really looking forward to this one.


Less Sugar.
It seems like, between potty training and birthdays, we always have some kind of sweet snack on hand. I want to give up chocolate completely (my weakness) and just generally buy less sugary things- that goes for cereal, snacks, and desserts. We won't be giving up dessert or sugar completely, because I like the taste better than honey and agave, but we're going to focus on incorporating more whole grains, fruits, and protein-rich foods this Lent.


Less Caffeine.
I'm pregnant, which means I'm already drinking half-caff coffee every morning. I'm going to try to switch to tea as much as I can, and Stephen and I are both getting off the caffeine-addiction wagon of needing some form of caffeine in the afternoon to keep going strong.


More Prayer.
I want to incorporate a Lenten novena, and perhaps a few other novenas, into my prayer diet. I want to memorize the prayers in my To-Memorize Journal. I want to consistently pray the Liturgy of the Hours everyday. I have been terrible at remembering to pray novenas, so I'm looking forward to this one too.


More Confession and More Daily Mass.
I want to try to go to the Lenten Confession service, as well as attempt Confession several times more than usual. I also want to attend Daily Mass a few more times than I normally do during this year's Lent.

Don't forget that Sundays during Lent are a day of rest. We might indulge in a little tiny bit of Netflix and chocolate on Sundays!! We'll see you on the flip side... Easter, that is. I'll let you know how it's going along the way.

*We don't own a TV. This also includes youtube videos!
~ ~ ~

And now... let's pretend I'm not 3 weeks late to the Rabbits Discussion game... and I'll link to my post at ACWB. I have deep thoughts about Pope Francis and the Rabbits....

Joining my voice to Kelly and all the other lovely people there today.


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

This post definitely got the wheels turning in my head... I haven't put much thought into Lent yet but considering Ash Wednesday is less than two weeks away I need to!

I really like (dislike ;) your idea of giving up Netflix! We have a TV but no cable so it would be a big sacrifice but a good one.

Rhonda Ortiz said...

A good and hefty list!!! I'm in an Lenten frame of mind already, myself. Lent couldn't come soon enough....

Tacy said...

Laura- I wasn't on board with the no Netflix when my priest first mentioned it. But I'm thinking six weeks of anything is possible!

Rhonda- I always love your Lenten ideas. I remember your post from last year!