Friday, February 20, 2015

SQT: 7 Quick Reads~ On Privacy and the Internet, Capsule Wardrobes, and More

Well. I think it has been about three weeks since I did a round-up of good reads from the internet. I have been all around, reading things here and there. Whatever strikes me on Facebook, the news, or  in my feedly. I have some really good stuff today! I hope you settle in for a minute, and check out these links!


Privacy For Mom Bloggers @ The Mirror Mag (Written by Laura from This Felicitous Life)

"I think blogging is analogous to driving.  The best way to reduce the risk of our children’s being injured in a car accident would be to cut out all unnecessary car trips: no play dates, no extracurricular activities, no shopping excursions, no dining out.  But of course, we don’t do that.  Instead we use car seats, drive carefully, get our brakes checked, and say traveling prayers. 

Worth reading. I tend to agree with Laura most of the time! ;-) I love her lawyer Mom's perspective, and I think where we really intersect in our thinking is her no-nonsense (no-embarrassing) approach as well as a laugh-at-yourself attitude (and as she mentions with the driving analogy; I think I can safely interpret her analogy as saying, don't live in a little bubble of fear). The internet, with all of its highs and lows, is here to stay. Mom bloggers are one piece to that good-bad-ugly puzzle.  Might as well make it a beautiful piece.


How to Respect Your Children While Using Social Media @ One Catholic Mama

Again, a perspective I almost 100% agree with. To quote a little bit of it:
"Some bloggers avoid talking about their kids at all, some bloggers don't call their kids by name (using things like #1), and some bloggers, like Jessica, come up with totally super awesome pseudonyms for their kids. I honestly wish I had thought of that before I started this blog.   But, I didn't.  I use my kids' real names, which are great names, if I do say so myself. 
Another good tip in her post is not to complain or whine about your kids online.  I know of one or two bloggers who can air their frustrations with humor, and get away with it. But that's not many. I think I remember a blogger a while back discussing the issue of "snark," and how hard it is to actually pull off without sounding like a terrible person. So true. We should always be careful how we state our thoughts, and take reputation into consideration... the reputation of all parties involved. Us, our kids, our spouses, our extended family... and keep the golden rule in mind when recounting facts, anecdotes, and photos.


The Dating Advice I Wish I Had Heard in my Twenties @ Verily

"Take it from someone who spent all of her twenties dating. Finding lasting love is the best. If you’re in your twenties today and want true love someday, why wait? Start dating like a grown-up now and you are more likely to end up with one when the time is right.

This is so true. I felt like I was seeing my own reflection in my coffee cup while I was reading it. We got married in our twenties, but my husband was definitely a grown-up about it.  I love this oh-so refreshing reminder to take yourself seriously (but not too seriously) while that biological clock is ticking.  You never know when love, commitment, and maturity will align with that special person you're longing for.


Capsule Wardrobe vol. 2~ Ideas and Inspiration for the 2-year-old Girl @ Whole Parenting Family

"The thing about having a two, almost three year old, is that you get to pick their clothes. And I am also not into pink-pink girlie so instead she gets this array of long sleeve shirts. Mini BodenTeasmafolkGap Baby, you know. All used, gifted, or handmedown.

Wow! Am I the only one thinking "Girl... you scored some amazing hand-me-downs?!" But seriously, this is a great series. It is inspiring me to pare down my girls' clothes a bit. It can be so hard to keep it as organized as she does. I feel like my kids are always outgrowing things faster than I can jump in with new *or used, or hand-me-down* stuff. I'm inspired.


In Bitter Cold, Entertaining Kids With Games, Films, and Dumplings @ The New York Times

five words:
“Anna and Elsa all day.”

I am so thankful for the weather in Tennessee usually, but I'd say even here, it has been a {maybe not bitterly, but} cold winter.  Now that my girls have given up TV for Lent, it is no longer "can we please look up Frozen on Ice on youtube?" If we were somewhere even colder, I'm not sure I'd be 'out and about' all that much with kids if I could help it! At least not until it warms up a little bit. BRRRRrrrrr.


Fifty Shades is Abuse @ The Rambling Curl

 I'll level with you:  When I started writing this blog, a whopping SEVEN HOURS AGO (yeah, my eyes are falling out), I had a moment of panic and thought: "What if I can't find fifty examples of abusive behaviour?  If I go through the three books in chronological order, what if I stop at thirty or forty?"  It's hilarious that I thought that, because 1) Thirty or forty incidents of abusive behaviour in a so-called "love story" is sick.  2) This is Fifty Shades of Grey, for crying out loud.  Of course we've got a book and a half to go and we've run out of room on our list....

I thought, that of all the NUMEROUS reports on this book/film, this little gut-level UK blog summed it up well, and it is worth a skim at least. How did this book even get published?! (Did Twilight or bad pornographic romance novels have anything to do with it, perchance?) Folks, this "grey" part of our culture isn't cute. And abuse shouldn't be a grey area at all. And let's get this one thing straight: it was brought to be released on Valentine's Day??!! I didn't read it or see the movie, so I'm not really one to talk. But, from what I gather, it's not what you think it is; wake up Americans.  UGHhhhh...... ugh, ugh, ugh. (I think I heard a collective "NOooo!" from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes as well... 26% is not a good score, FYI Focus Features).


Experiencing Lent Through Our Five Senses @ More Than Enough

"The purpose of this post is not to make you think that you have to do ALL of these suggestions! On the contrary, this list is meant to get you thinking about what will work for your family. I am a big advocate for keeping Lent as simple as possible. What I hope to convey is that Lent does not have to be an abstract idea but rather something tangible that we can truly experience in our everyday lives.

If you don't read Sarah's blog, you should! She's a fun one for sure. Catholic Mom contributor, knitter extraordinaire, and a fun writer all told. I love her ideas for experiencing Lent three-dimensionally.

Also, Bonus:

~My post for Real Housekeeping that went live yesterday~ Making Lists: How I Get My Life Organized

~My new Movies Worth Watching board on Pinterest~

Adding my link to Kelly and all the others over there today!


Cristina said...

I like the info on capsule wardrobes for little girls. I've already had to take two giant bags of girl clothes to the goodwill because we were given so much when we found out Margaret was a girl. It was nice because I got to be extra choosy with the pieces I did keep. Her wardrobe needs to be small just for the sake of storage in our little house but I prefer to not have a ton of clothes for her anyway. She pretty much wears the same four outfits in rotation. Although she has almost completely outgrown her 3-6 month clothes and I don't have any winter clothes in the next size up. I thought it would surely be summer before she needed a bigger size!

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Ooh, a lot of these sound really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Nell @ Whole Parenting Family said...

You're so sweet to include my wardrobe post! I have been super lucky with handmedowns from cousins and friends. They're so kind to us!!

Tacy said...

I know, right Cristina?! We got so many more hand-me-downs with Molly (our first) than we do now.

Laura, thanks for the comment!

And Nell- why of course! You are welcome!!