Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 7~ Little Lost Kitty

This week started out pretty chill, and by that I mean 7 degree weather. We put all of the Christmas decorations in the attic somewhere in the middle of the week, but the Christmas tree was gone by Monday.
As I mentioned, we had something sad happen that none of us saw coming… our kitty went missing on Tuesday. We loved that little kitty so stinking much. I already wrote about it here. I saw responsibility and pet-love in our kids that also went missing the day she did. So so sad.

On Monday we rested and I had my usual loner coffee date while our babysitter came to watch the kiddos. I read the O magazine and got my planner caught up.

I baked nine mini loaves of that Buttermilk Banana Bread (with blueberries!) and we were surprised by a playdate for Molly on two days of her Christmas break. I think I could have done 7 and had enough batter (I replaced 2 of the bananas in the recipe with blueberries, which turned out really tasty, but there wasn't as much batter this way), but I shared some of our loaves of bread with the mother of her friend as a Thanks for inviting her along.
Here's the recipe I used... from The House of Smiths

Here she is. So sweet and still little! 

Aranea the kitty would try to get out the door every time we left the house. I think at some point Tuesday morning, she slipped out while I was carrying groceries and some other stuff from our car in through the front door.  So yeah. I started worrying a little after lunch. We tried banging things all around, hoping she was sleeping a long time. Then we started hunting around the neighborhood, just hoping someone would find her. Our neighbor said she heard Meowing on Tuesday morning, and meowing from a tree, so she must have tried to get back in, and then wandered up a tree. The funny thing is, we never heard a cat meow. We left food and blankets on the front and back porch that night, just hoping. No words.

I went for a long walk looking for her after Stephen got home, then he went for a long walk himself. We posted it on the neighborhood email board, and we checked with the nearest animal shelter and Humane society.  I got a bit of sewing done in between tears and prayers and talking to our kids, who were devastated.

Our house miraculously cleaned itself (kidding) and I prepped a bit for a little girls’ seventh birthday.
Did I mention she is an art fanatic? She especially loves drawing with gel pens.

I am so thankful for this guy, for my friends and all the support we have in our community. It’s a great thing, especially when going through hard times.
I thought we would have an artsy birthday party, but the first request was Frozen. I said no (no no no no no), we did that (at Halloween) already. So wish me luck as I attempt to carry out a Fancy Nancy Birthday party next week. ACK!

Funny Things they say:

Madeleine: Mommy, where's my pan-yo? (keyboard)

Madeleine: Frances, did you know that Jesus is Lord? It's because he's such good news.

(This video is on instagram, if this story is super-confusing)
Madeleine: “Mommy, I want to make a video!”
Me: “Ok, say something cute.”
(Practice round while Mommy attempts to record but does it wrong)
Madeleine:  “I love Mommy.” (I think)
Me: Ok, that’s sweet…. try again.
Madeleine: as clear as a bell “I love MOLLY.”
Me: I thought you said I love Mommy! (ensue laughter as I FORCE her {or she is obligated} to do a redo and say “I love Mommy” instead.)

Frances likes making up names while she’s playing with Madeleine…

Frances: Her daughter’s name is… Slezzlers. And pretend her name is… Lasagnarita, and her name is Brush. Hairbrush. And I tell her when I want her to brush my hair. So if you need her to brush your hair, just call her and she’ll be right over on the tiger’s cage on the seesaw.
Madeleine: Come here!
Frances: Why do you need her?
Madeleine: Because I need her to brush my hair.
Frances: We only do it one time….. so… bye.

Stephen was listening to Father Robert Barron and he said "distinctness," and Madeleine responded, very seriously: "He said stinkers."

Can I add some musings along with this Weekly Minutiae post? I want to talk about reading more books (as in, a certain number of books), for just a minute.

Some people have mentioned to me, "Don't worry about trying too hard with the reading thing. I went through that - wanting to be well-read/wanting to read more books/wanting to read a greater number of books- for a while, and it's not something you should pressure yourself with."

That advice is solid gold. I agree wholeheartedly and 100%. However, this is just where I'm at right now.  It does me good to have goals, and to push myself to reach those goals. For some people, running a marathon might be their goal of choice for the year. For others, a Whole 30. For others, no sugar or no carbonated beverages. These goals are kind of ridiculous because they're high-reaching. But no one says, "Oh don't run a marathon- that's nuts." Or, "Don't give up sugar, you shouldn't worry about that." So why shouldn't we support each other if reading more books is the Goal-du-jour? Let's do it even if people think it's stupid.

It's a link-up!
weekly minutiae (min-oo-shuh) updates, funny things they say, photo dumps, not a reveal-all necessarily, but  a "blogging is fun" type deal with all of the fun trivial details that make life fun and/or interesting.

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