Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Minutiae vol. 6~All the Holiday Jazz + A Link-Up!!!

Well! It's time for Weekly Minutiae vol. 6 and the first Link-Up edition. It feels like it's been a while!  I know, it's only been two weeks, since December 22nd. What a whirlwind and wonderful two weeks it has been!
The Monday before Christmas, I had brunch with these ladies... friends from since forever. One is a midwife in Oklahoma (middle), the other is an English teacher at a prep school in the area (right). THAT was fun! So good to see those ladies again! The food was excellent. It was a small group this year; we missed a few other friends who couldn't make it to the Brunch! (Shout out Rachel, Hayley, Ashley, Anna, Lydia, Erin, and a few other people...)

Christmas Eve,  Frances was recovering from the flu, I was coming down with something- sore throat and headache- and Stephen was very sick with the flu. Madeleine was getting over the flu, and Molly and Anders were the only ones who came out unscathed.

We called it a sick day Christmas Eve and watched some shows, did some watercolor painting, and watched some more shows and Christmas movies. I talked to my sister on the phone.
Christmas Eve

I went to the Post Office and got photos printed. Also had to pick up Aleve and Dayquil/Nyquil for Stephen and myself. I went for a walk, and watched Anders and Madeleine while they played outside.

The plan was to eat leftovers then pick up kitten and drop off the littles at grandparents. Then to rest and recover. We had dinner at my parents' and picked up the kids.

Quotes from Christmas Eve:
Molly: It’s Snowing!
Madeleine: Now we can open presents!!!(?! No, not until Christmas morning for us, little lady!)

Madeleine: Mommy, are cookies allowed out in the rain?
Me: If you want to abide by that rule, you can.
Madeleine: They’re NOT!
Frances in her Christmas attire
On Christmas morning, Stephen went to his office to get our special surprise from his office bathroom.  After the kids opened a few presents, we told them we had something special for them, so Stephen had them get in a circle, and he got this precious little kitten out of his car.

Aranea Peace
~the girls liked the name from Charlotte's Web~
~she is one of Charlotte's daughters~

Then we had Brunch with my family, which was a ton of fun, and we opened more presents. I called my dear friend Libba, then took a nap, then went to a 2:30 Mass at our church, Sts Peter and Paul. It was a Missa Cantata- a traditional Latin mass in the Ancient Roman Rite.

I then opened presents from Becks, and we made another huge mess.

What did you get for Christmas? I got this pretty purse and a beautiful necklace. I also got this iPad case, and a few other miscellaneous items, like chocolate truffles and the lavender lotion.

On December 26th, we rested and recovered from the holidays. I listened to a lot of playlists and worked on my New Year's Reflection post.

We rested and played, then Sunday, we buckled up and traveled to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Illinois, and saw their sweet, sweet kiddos.

Alllllllmost there!

Cousins Grey and Anders are 8 months apart! (They're actually from Seattle, but they were in Illinois visiting some other family).

More Funnyisms....

Molly: Mommy, I know what I want for my birthday (which is in January). I want a pretend cash register with pretend money inside, just like my cousin {Emma} got for Christmas.
Madeleine: And I want my birthday for Christmas.
Playing dress-up and "all fall down" with cousin Ivey!

On New Year's Eve, we participated in our yearly tradition- the 2 mile fun run and 4 mile real run in benefit of St Jude hospital and the Ronald McDonald house.  My Dad got 12th in his age group in the real run, and the rest of us did the walk :-) I got a very good night's sleep, which wasn't exactly in the cards.... I was hoping to ring in the new year with a cup of sangria like I usually do.  Oh well. I guess I was tired. :)

I got a few on instagram of the run...if you want to follow me, I'm tacyw.

What did you do this week? No rush but.....
dun dun dun.....

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