Thursday, January 29, 2015

PHFR~ Bookshelves, Placemats, Notebooks, and Reading


I don't have a picture, but I'm sure glad our kids played outside in the snow on Monday night. Because, despite its blizzard quality and the fact that all the cars were white, by Tuesday morning it was completely gone!

We got a new bookshelf. I am so pleased with the way it matches the frame in the painting above.

Fun fact: my Great Aunt Esther painted these daffodils... so lovely!


I also decided to buy some more placemats for Valentine's Day.


I was doing a bunch of research online for an article I'm working on for the ACWB.  Then I turned to my left and looked on our bookshelf. Right next to me was a book that Stephen bought a few years ago... and it had everything I needed in it!
I ordered a new moleskine notebook. I decided to go for the graph paper so that I can keep records of memorization and exercise and things like that.Working on memorizing with the kids.

Also in actually funny, did you see this funny, funny piece on Goodnight Moon at the Ugly Volvo? Although I do not share her non-Christian perspective, I always find that site to be hilarious.


Dreams- since Cristina is always recounting her dreams on her blog, today, I recount mine from Monday night: I was in college. I had a ten-year-old son (...). I got asked on a date by an Asian man at my college. Later,  at a floral arranging class at my school, I told some friends I wasn't interested, but that I was interested in marrying... wait for it... my boyfriend(??).  So I go ask my friend Suzanne what my boyfriend's phone number is (??), and she said, "He just sent me a funny text about his job at the Pre-School!" (??) So we try to find his phone number from the text message, and end up flipping through the college directory, where we still can't find it.

This is sort of a recurring dream, that I'm not married but looking for a husband kind of thing.  Which is just even weirder. (And disclaimer: strangely juvenile...) I wake up and tell Stephen and he's like... "No." I also feel like I have to give the disclaimer one of this is even remotely indicative of my past or reality! Completely and utterly random. Ok, I don't think I'm going to talk about dreams on my blog in the future. It's too...awkward. I blame this strange divergence on pregnancy hormones and Filling My Prayer Closet. ;-)

Yep, pretty much. Eat, sleep, read. And also add a few other things like pray and mothering.  Gelly roll pens are my real this week.  Naysayers begone! It is okay for a woman in her thirties to use these! I promise!

Also in Real.... 8 weeks....and look how far I'm coming in Middlemarch! It's almost to time to start my February reading (so hard to believe), but I'll keep plugging away on this till I'm done... even if it takes until the middle of March!

the funnier meme with the same picture (i know, so sad, right?!)

har har har

Did you hear that my friend Rhonda wrote a book? You can buy it here!
Also, Real Housekeeping has had a great a Winter Blues series going and a whole slew of fun articles this month.... have you seen the awesomeness that is the coffee posts? You simply must check those out. They were seriously channeling the Beck Household with those posts!

Go see Like Mother, Like Daughter for more pictures of contentment.


Cristina T said...

Now I demand a recount of all dreams, especially in your pregnancy hormone laden state!! I need to get back to recounting my dreams again. They are strange.

Cristina said...

Oh I love your daffodils! It's so nice to have special pieces like that--I've got a floral still life that my mom did (when she was in high school I think?) hanging up in our bathroom. She wanted to throw it out but I saved it :)

Tacy said...

I blame all tears, stupid jokes, and weird dreams on pregnancy!

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Now you've got me wanting to dig out my old gel pens... I'm sure I have them packed away somewhere!

Congrats on your pregnancy & YES the weirdest dreams!

Abbey D said...

The daffodil painting is so pretty! (And the Goodnight Moon post almost made me spit Diet Dr. Pepper across the room when I first read it.)

Lindsey Gallant said...

A new bookshelf is always cause for celebration! Looks very nice with the beautiful sunflowers.