Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Reads ~ 7 Quick Takes~ The Pro-Life Edition

Well, hey. I did a little bit of crowd-sourcing on Facebook yesterday, and it turns out, almost everyone who commented there likes or even loved Pope Francis! I was surprised by that, as not every IRL (in real life) conversation turns out like that for me.  Anyway.... more thoughts on that at a later time.

Here are the best links of the Pro-life web - in my humble opinion-  over the past week or two. Enjoy!


not a read... this one's a watch.
This Time  - Pro-Life music video by John Elefante @
Worth a watch and listen.


Popes, Planes, and Common Sense @ Fountains of Home
So true and well-put!  I like her reference to Orthodoxy and the reminder that the church's teaching is Responsible Parenting, just as the Pope said.


The Pope, Rabbits, and Prudence @
Wise words. Very wise words, coming from a Mom of 7.


650K Will March on Washington But You Won't Hear Anything About It @ The Little Shop of Words
So important. So, so important. There is a reason it isn't mainstream news. It's uncomfortable to face facts and reality. This is the world we live in today.


Guess Who Thinks Pope Francis Shouldn't Give So Many Interviews? by Philip Lawler @ Catholic Culture
This was the best deconstruction of the Pope's statement on rabbits that I've read. I don't agree with his final statement, but the rest is right-on (more of my thoughts on this at a later time).

I Named My Child Grace @ Vox Luminis
This is actually the story of a woman who is a cousin, friend, and has had a great impact with her Pro-life involvement with the National Memorial for the Unborn here in Chattanooga. She has a powerful witness and testimony- take a minute to read her story!

Go see Kelly and all the other lovelies for more!

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