Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekly Minutiae vol. 5~ 3 Days Until Christmas+Excited to Join the Family!

Sweet girl, from Stephen's instagram

This week was a little dark for us here. As the Advent lights flicker, I have been sick, and the Holy Spirit moves, and we must respond to the nudging. For me, that meant going to the Advent Reconciliation service at St. Augustine on Tuesday evening. I would have gone to our parish for the service, but Molly had a concert at school that same night.
Molly's concert

I had a lot on my mind and heart, and, as usual, talking to a priest helped a lot. I felt like just upon entering the church, I could hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit saying: "It gets easier." Things have been really hard with the kids lately. Sickness, messes, marks on furniture, broken vases, broken lightbulbs. After my confession,  the priest gave me some wonderful advice.  He said that when you are struggling with your kids, remember the whole,  "kids will be kids," idea, as he put it. His advice? Don't become upset with them.  Instead, he suggested this: "Tell her you love her."  (I didn't even tell him I had girls). It was such perfect advice, and it has been inside my head and in my thoughts and on my heart all week.

Tell her you love her.

I received a great gift this Holiday season.
I'm now part of the Association of Catholic Women bloggers. I first heard about this from Cristina, and I'm so thankful for the additional community in the blogosphere.
Read my first post at the very elegant site, here: Review of St. Francis of Assisi by G.K. Chesterton

On Thursday, I was going to run errands  (so un-St.-Francis of me) while my Mom babysat the three younger ones.  I ended up beelining it and then waiting in line at the Tag and Title place, only to find out that I couldn't renew our registration, because our van has not been through emissions testing.  I then stopped by the post office, and decided to forgo the long line and call it a day (all I wanted to do was buy some Christmas stamps!), because it was a really, really, really long line, not worth waiting for.  I came back home, and declared it was a day, not of trivial pursuit, but of failed pursuit.

As I mentioned, Molly had a Christmas concert on Thursday night. It was amazing! Their school does an amazing job every year. I always laugh, cry, and feel my heart warmed with the Christmas spirit.
This photo is from Gaudete Sunday: we had a roast chicken, stuffing, caesar salad, rolls, and green beans. As we get ready for Christmas, we must stop and remember to rejoice. Christmas caroling, talks by the fire (ok, my parents' fire), and good food.

One of the best things about this week?  We made homemade hot chocolate mix for our neighbors.And speaking again of failed pursuits instead and trivial pursuits- we ran out of of organic, unsalted butter, so I started having pumpkin spice coconut milk in my morning coffee..... but that turned out yummy.
Granola from my dear Mother

funny things they say:

Friday Molly had a half-day, then the kids spent the night with their paternal grandparents, except Madeleine, who had pink eye. While Stephen was at his office Christmas party, we watched Frosty the Snowman and had this conversation:
Me: Whose birthday is on Christmas?
Madeleine: Molly's?
Me: No, who was born on Christmas?
Madeleine: Me?
Me: Jesus was born on Christmas!
Madeleine: No Mommy. Baby Jesus was born on Christmas.
true, very true.

Me: Did you know your cheeks are like butter?!
Anders: Butt-ah!

{Song playing on the radio}
Molly: Mommy, what song is this?
Me: What Child is This?
Molly: Jesus? oh, oh, oh. I get it now.

The winner of the Anthropologie candle was: Cristina! Please email me @ with your address and I will get that shipped to you!

The winner of the Book Giveaway was: Amanda P.!
Please email me with your address, and I will have Michele put a copy in the mail for you!
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We are especially excited as Mom and Dad, because we have a special surprise coming our kids' way on Christmas! So excited!

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Anonymous said...

I love your writing! When Kate's mom was testing Liam asking him whose birthday Christmas is….he said Aunt Cathy (Gene's sister). Luckily Evelyn piped in…"No, it's Jesus birthday" so I guess they passed the test :)

Tacy said...

hahaha i love it! those two are such cuties!!!