Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Minutiae Vol. 3~ St. Nicholas Day recap & Santa, Santa, Santa!

It is definitely starting to feel like Christmas.  We made pumpkin bread, decorated our Christmas tree, listened to a lot of tunes, and started getting out the Christmas decorations.

This past Saturday was St. Nicholas day. I was planning for sure to celebrate St. Lucia day this year, as I grew up celebrating it, and have many memories of bringing sweet rolls to my Scandinavian grandparents on my Mom's side when they came to visit us in December.  However, I also wanted to do at least a little something for the kids in honor of the real St. Nicholas Day. I wanted it to mainly be a chance for them to experience something special so that they could remember the real St. Nick.

I got out my Homemade Advent Calendar.  Each day has different ideas and reminders for special events during the Advent season.  Some are very holy, and some are just silly, like "watch St. Nicholas and string popcorn," or "listen to holiday music and address christmas cards."My personal favorite was "visit santaland at shining time station" but we had to cut that when we moved back to Tennessee.

 I think I made this circa 2006? My handwriting leaves little-to-nothing to be desired.

So my big plan? We opened books for the Feast of St. Nicholas.
On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, they watched the Veggie Tales movie about St. Nicholas, read books about him, and talked about his life. If your kids haven't seen it, I recommend the Veggie Tales movie for sure.
St. Nicholas: Born 265 AD, orphaned because of a plague at age 13, ordained a priest at age 19, in his 20's, imprisoned for his faith, remained in jail for 10 years. Released from prison in his 30's. Served as bishop of Myra (modern day Turkey), died at age 78, in the year 343 AD. He was called the Boy Bishop because he was so young. He is the patron saint of children and sailing. St. Nicholas, pray for us!

On the actual feast of St. Nicholas, something kind of funny happened. I was planning a big breakfast, in honor of the feast, when I remembered that Molly's school was hosting "Breakfast with Santa" that same day. I almost forgot it was happening, and when I saw the sign while picking Molly up, I thought for sure in my mind that we had missed it. I casually mentioned that we missed it to Molly, and she burst into tears. She was sobbing. I mean, crying big, real tears that we missed it!

That night at dinner, I told Stephen and he said, "No, no, no... you didn't miss it. That's tomorrow!" I don't know why I was thinking it was last weekend!

As you might have guessed, Molly was THRILLED not to miss it this year. She had already eaten when I took the picture, here she is just working on her hot chocolate. The food was amazing. Pancakes, bacon, fruit, egg + sausage casserole, and cheesy potato casserole. (Remember, we're in the South here, people).
participating in a coloring contest with a friend
It is basically a chance to meet and greet with other parents, get your picture made with Santa, participate in various crafts, and of course, eat an amazing breakfast.

Stephen took the three younger ones to a parade called Main X24, and I was able to get my volunteer hours for  Breakfast with Santa and of course, Molly tagged along with me. We stayed for over four hours!

When we brought out the Christmas decorations this year, Molly kept saying over and over, "I can't believe my eyes!" It is fun having an older daughter who remembers traditions, books, and ornaments from years past. In fact, I think that is the best thing about having an almost seven-year-old.

Molly *loves* this book!

I attended a MOPS event a few years ago, and purchased a signed copy of The Advent Book. I met the authors and heard them speak. The hand-drawn, hand-painted illustrations are stunning.  Each and every page includes a beautiful, large lift-the-flap type door, 25 days, with the story of Christmas told through each picture. I for some reason I remember Jim Stockman saying in his talk that he modeled King Herod after a philosophy professor at Wheaton College. How funny! Take a look.... this book is really something.

Since I enjoy a good live-vicariously-through-others'-lives podcast, and speaking of kiddos, coming soon to a blog near you....

Just for the record, Madeleine's favorite thing to say right now is "I peeded."
The other day, Stephen was laughing and said,  (pointing at Madeleine and Frances): "Did you know that they both think it's 'Netflakes'?'"
Stephen: Who did you go see today?
Frances: Santa.. I took my picture.... we took our picture.
Stephen: What does he look like?
Madeleine: He looks like a Batman or something...
Frances: He doesn't! He looks like the real Santa but he's actually just pretend.
Stephen: How do you know that?
Frances: Because he has gray skin.
Stephen: Hmm... well what was he wearing?
Frances: The same thing as Santa. But he didn't talk like ho, ho, ho. He just made up a song of ho, ho, ho.
Stephen: What did it sound like?
Madeleine: It sounded like Jingle Bells.
~  ~  ~
Stephen: What was your favorite thing that happened to you?Frances- what was the favorite thing about the day for you?
Frances: My favorite thing of today was looking at the presents in Mommy's closet.
Daddy: WHA????!!!! You know you're not supposed to do that, right?
Frances: But Mommy said "not again!"
Stephen: You didn't see anything important did you?
Frances: Um, nope.
* * *
Stephen: What was your favorite thing today, Madeleine?
Madeleine: Brushing my favorite teeth.
Stephen: Which teeth are your favorite?
Madeleine: The bottom and the down.
* * *
Stephen: Frances, do you have anything else to add?
Frances: I like playing on the iPad... and I forgot. Oh, I remember. I like playing on the iPad AND eating treats. That's all.
Stephen: That's it? 
Frances: Well, I like everything I like.  And there are a bunch more things I like.
(We might be able to figure out how to put these interviews into podcast form, but we'll see).

We're getting really eager about Christmas in these parts.... and you?!

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Frances saw the presents in your closet?! That's hilarious!!! I love your Weekly Minutiae posts. And...are you working on a podcast? Do tell, details!

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That completely depends on Stephen, resident computer geek!